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Happy birthday to golden_lady... just made it in July, eh? One more day, and you'd have been an August birthday! And of all the birthdays I've had, few have been particularly august.

Today's Bridge: Some occasional people showed up to fill Dan's seat (he was supposed to be in, but I guess he left for his vacation a day early), so we had two tables. Probably explains why I drew into the first one. Aside from Steve doubling a spade contract that they made with two overtricks for their game, we did pretty well, including a 3H that I had no business making but probably every business making. They already had their game and a decent lead, and I found myself with S K-J-x-x H K-J-x-x D A-9-x-x-x. I opened 1D in first or second seat, Keith overcalled 2C, Steve passed, Kelly bid 3C, and I bid the 3H because I just couldn't leave them there and I hoped Steve would either like one of my suits or correct to spades. If Kelly had bid 4C, I'd have bid 4D, but it was hearts, and Steve gave me S A-x-x H Q-9-x-x D x-x C 10-x-x-x on the opening 9C lead. I covered it and ruffed low, then ran my king of hearts to Kelly's ace and ruffed the club return. I was setting myself up to lose some clubs, but I pulled another round of trump, catching the 10, so the board's Q-9 were both top. Then I ran the spade finesse, losing the jack to Kelly's queen. She led Keith a club, but instead of taking another club, he led the king of diamonds. I took it, cashed the A-K of spades (with a pause on the board to run a heart), and upon discovering the 3-3 spade split, cashed the final spade and conceded the last trick. Had I ditched the board's club, they might have kept clubs and sluffed all their diamonds, but I didn't need the overtrick. Naturally, had Keith gone ahead and cashed the club, that would be my final loser - I still had the ace of diamonds and the spades to run. The worst he can do to me is lead yet another club, whereupon I ruff on the board, cash the last heart, and run the spades just as before, sluffing the losing diamond from the board instead of the club. We also set them six tricks in two contracts, but who's counting?

Today's Golf: Mom had some unfortunate mishaps on Ice Cannon, but the big news was after I signed off. shachihoko asked me how many tries it had taken me to beat Cecilia as Uncle Bob in Super Swing Golf, and I had to confess that I'd never managed it, but once my interest was up, I had to try again. So I had two bad starts and one that went to the wire, but we tied for holes in the end and she had over a thousand pang. The fourth try, however, saw some of the strangest play ever. It started on the very first hole, where I finally buckled down and took her path. She went out on her first approach shot, while I had a horrible position behind a cannon but managed to Powercurve my way out of it (and believe me, with a control of 11 after upgrading, that isn't easy!) for a one-stroke win. She had more trouble on the second hole, missing a chip-in while I finally managed to not only make the green, but come within just over a yard from the hole. The ship shot on 4 humbled me as always, but I managed to come back in 5 when she hit two O.B.s on the tee-off. I think the shortcut there could be good for par if I had any control at all. I think she went out again on 6, giving me a win there and three Dormie holes. I had to use a Miracle Sign for a very long putt on hole 7, but I made it and she missed her putt for the win, giving me the draw and the victory. No new characters, though. I then proceeded to beat Max in Shining Sand as Kooh when he hit several walls and had to go around them for two additional extra strokes. That gave me enough pang to make Amateur... think I'll be stuck there for a while, as the final match is against Arin at Wiz Wiz. I don't think I'll be beating that with Kooh any time soon. Decent control... horrible accuracy.

Today's Work: Someone, somewhere in the government has some sense. Or so it appears. After three years of not getting the project complete, they're finally returning to the prototype that The Branch developed three years ago and recommending that they let us complete it and make it what they want. The recommendation even says that it's better to let us finish it OUR way and then adapt it to the interfaces they want rather than try to complete it while making the conversion. Now, if only someone can convince them not to hate our version simply for being our version....

I read Bleach book 20 today. That was a lot to take in all at once. Now on to the final book of Lament of the Lamb, at long last. How many years has this been sitting on my shelf again? Oh, and I finished watching the rest of my South Park DVDs. I've now at least had every episode in the first nine seasons playing in the background while I did other stuff, and I went back and watched the Trapped in the Closet episode carefully, because it's important to me to know exactly what it is that the Scientologists believe. Not that I plan to use it in intellectual religious discussions, like I do Christianity, because Scientology is clearly not an intellectual's religion. I really hope they don't sue me for saying that, but I think my statement can be shown to have merit.

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