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Today's Bridge: Steve and Kelly both showed up, and Paul didn't, so we had five. Steve got the honor seat today, and Dan and I took on Keith and Kelly. It was quite one-sided. Keith took the first trick in a 2NT contract, and instead of cashing what I believe were six diamond tricks and at least two heart tricks off the top, he led us a club and set up our black suits for seven tricks, plus the queen of hearts after he was done throwing away the diamonds. We made HIS contract. Then Kelly bid them up to a 4C contract (over a kamikaze 3D bid from me) which they missed by two, and I put Dan in a 3S contract where he couldn't avoid losing a heart and a heart ruff in addition to the top two spades, so despite what looked like imperfect play, he did the best that could be done. We eventually finished the game, but Kelly made sure to get in a bid that was off four, and I don't think there was anything wrong with her play... the contract simply shouldn't have been bid, whatever it was. We thought Keith might have picked up an extra trick in the final contract by playing differently, but it didn't change much... 3S Dbl off two or off three when we're a game and plenty of set points up in the final hand changes very little. Dan and I got an early crossruff going, with me leading from my doubleton club to his ace, him leading his singleton diamond back to my ace, a diamond for the ruff, a low club to Keith's hand, a spade to the board's king and Dan's ace (leaving me with the singleton queen), another diamond ruff, a club ruff, and a third diamond ruff, then another club to exit, and we still had the ace of hearts to cash. There was very little Keith could do about that. And it was one of those interesting hands where I was happy to ruff with the high trump, because it gave us that extra ruff that we couldn't get any other way. Another neat maneuver, like covering your partner's winner, that's really flashy when you can make it work to your advantage.

Today's DAWIA: The soporific project team in the lessons has settled on a contractor, and just to make sure they seem like outsiders, they have Southern accents of some sort. This is after we JUST went through sensitivity training and the instructor told us about the prevailing attitude in non-Southern accent-speaking areas that Southern accents belong to slow-witted people. It's all a giant cosmic coincidence, particularly since the stuff the contractor said in the lessons was spot-on, and exactly the stuff people at The Branch say all the time and get denied by upper management, which makes things not work properly in the end. Finally, the government guys agree that it all makes a lot of sense, and that they'll pass along the recommendation to the Program Manager... who accepts it. What government is that, because it's sure not the one I work for!

Today's Writing: I slacked off and made this new icon instead. It's not great... the animation right at the end jumps, but that's pretty much the intention. The compression really did a number on Mint's face in the last few frames, so I used the graphic tools to smooth it out a bit - grabbed the color from the parts of her face and ears that looked right and painted over the weird pixels. It could undoubtedly stand to be cleaned up even more, but my standards don't stretch that far quite yet. I did write a little, but not much. I'm trying to figure out how to express deep emotion, then abruptly transition to action with a considerable comedy feel. Neither is going to be easy. Meanwhile, I'm becoming even more proficient with GIMP, as long as I don't actually have to create my own art. Who knows what icon-making I might accomplish with further inspiration?

Today's Gaming: I played a bit more God of War and got to the desert... the complete lack of save points in the area, the blinding sand, and the hammer-wielding minotaurs are more than I'm prepared to handle right now. I figure it'll probably be a good project for a time when I have a few hours to kill and nothing much to do, like almost any other time.

Today's Golf: We were playing 6 holes shuffled. I barely edged out Mom in North Wiz after a disastrous start (to be fair, it randomly gave us 14, 15, 16, 17, 10, 18), then we moved on to West Wiz. I was a bit ahead, I believe, going into hole 15 in the fifth position. I teed off, getting great position on the fairway, and Mom followed. Then she compensated way too much to the left, barely missed the edge of the cliff, and bounced onto the green. I adjusted a bit less to the left and let it rip at almost full power. To my dismay, rather than the view from the green that I normally get on approach shots, the camera stayed behind the ball as the wall got in the way, hiding from view my disastrous plunk against the side of the cliff and off the edge. We all know that's what that camera angle always means. Except this time, it meant something a bit different.

That's right... a 214.38 yd Eagle chip-in, baby. My best shot yet, with the possible exception of the hole in one from my second outing, before anyone told me how to screencap. Shame I couldn't get a hole in one despite having probably every par 3 hole on our route, but at least we finished with hole 1 and I got to use my accumulated Powershot to hit the little island for an easy approach. It's not a bad day when you can clear 1000 Pang in a six-hole round.

And finally, with a tip of the hat to/from hearmemeep, a philosophical question suggested by the news: If an explosive device contains no explosive, fuse, or detonator... is it really an explosive device? Hmmm... that guy's iPhone doesn't have explosives, fuse, or detonator... RUN! IT'S A BOMB! DESTROY IT! Oh, wait, I'm thinking of the N-Gage.

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