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Today's Bridge: Mike actually joined us to make our four. The only other player around was Steve, and he was on the phone through half of lunch. We started with a 4C that I made with an overtrick, thanks to imperfect defense by the opponents (although had I taken Mike's club lead, I wouldn't have lost the queen... I should have noticed that I couldn't afford to lose that trick, but they didn't take their two additional diamonds to set the contract), which I would have preferred to play in 4H. Bruce trusts me too much. However, after we managed to set their 3H (I had four of them to honors and Bruce had none, or it would have been a laydown), they came back with two partscores to make a game and win the rubber. We might have set their last hand with better defense, since it seemed like Bruce was making all the worst plays, but it's a tough call. Sometimes, taking one trick changes the makeup of the hand enough to cost you a different trick.

Today's Golf: I'm close to giving up. I'm still getting booted almost every time. If I have to resort to playing three three-hole rounds every day in the faint hope of completing one of them, it stops being fun. If it's not better by the weekend, I'm going to contact Insight and give them a piece of my mind. Maybe sooner, depending... I'd really like to play the tournament on Friday, if it's going to be Wiz Wiz. I'm getting better at that course and might be able to improve my score.

Today's God of War: I finally gave up on rope combat and just let go. Surprisingly, while the skeletons will climb all the way to the nearby ledge to get at me, they won't let go of the rope while I hit them over and over. Having beaten the first wave that way, I had enough health to fight the remaining waves properly. Just. I think the Gorgons are getting tougher, or maybe just getting more backup. And the Cyclopses clobbered me. I had to rely heavily on the peasants running around the town square for health... and they got in my way a few times, becoming the targets for attacks that were supposed to hit monsters. But I'm making progress in God mode, which is the important part.

So now that I finally get the "out of order" thing in Haruhi Suzumiya, I've got a brilliant idea for an icon. Everyone loves the one of Haruhi bouncing on the bed and the one of Yuki catching baseballs, but I want to get a screenshot of Haruhi in her cheerleader getup from the baseball episode. The caption: "Entertain the cheerleader, save the world." It won't make any sense if you haven't seen the series, but then, that's true of most really good icons based on pop culture.

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