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Since I've created a "random thoughts" tag, I may as well use it... we had a goody day today, so there was some talk about movies, cookies, and collecting flatulence in jars. However, I was struck by inspiration from an unknown source while I was down there. You've probably seen all the movies with "editions" going around, like "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Limited Edition" and "Reno 911: The Unrated Edition". Then there are the hilarious parodies, like "Care Bears: The American McGee Edition" or "Speed: The Bill and Ted Edition". But for some reason (mainly related to someone talking about "The Sum of All Fears"), I was struck with the sudden desire to do one for Stand and Deliver. So I finally came up with it: Stand and Deliver, the Kindergarten Cop Edition. Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to teach a bunch of inner-city six-year-olds how to take derivatives and integrals.

Then I took it way too far and came up with an idea for a movie where a disease wipes out most of mankind, but a small band of travelers take a canoe loaded with nukes through dangerous hillbilly territory, being shot at with arrows and rapists, to reach the village where they need to teach mentally challenged children how to spell more than one word. "Spell something else, dammit!" "M-O-O-N. That spells something else."

The Stand and Deliverance.

Coming soon: The Ewok Edition.
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