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Today's Bridge: We managed to scrounge up eight people, so I got to play a bit. Neither side did very well overall... I want to talk to Thom sometime soon and explain the philosophy behind our bidding system. That may help him understand it. And Bruce asked what the order of the suits was so he could decide which level to bid at, which shows that he's finally getting it. Unfortunately, he left us in 2S in a hand that made 4 thanks to a fortunate finesse, letting the other side cobble together a game. We bid up to 3D in the final hand, but because we needed a game to win, I raised to 5. We ended up making 4 thanks to Thom leading his ace of spades to set up my king and Dan leading a spade once I'd cleared them from both hands. The problem was that Bruce and I had identical distributions, so while the hearts set up nicely, I couldn't use them to get rid of losers. Change the distribution by one of almost anything, and we have a good shot at 5.

Today's Work: I started a DAWIA course, ACQ 201A, that features lame CG people instead of the photos from earlier courses, voice narration instead of text, and tests on multiple lessons instead of one test per lesson. The first test only covered the first two lessons, so it wasn't too bad, but the next test covers eight, I think. I'm not supposed to take more than four in a day. So that's two days at least to cover the material. At least now I've discovered the Background link that recaps the relevant portions of ACQ 101, which should help me keep up. It's actually fun stuff, except for the soporific voices. I'll try to make a phone post with my best impression of some of them, as well as a possible Hugh Laurie impression for deyaniera. No promises, though.

Today's Golf: I didn't get to play with Mom because shachihoko challenged me to eighteen holes, one on one. I considered suggesting Silvia Cannon, since that's the last hole I really need to improve on (and with one stroke under par, my cumulative score will hit -150), but my guts were doing their usual "what did you EAT?" mambo, so we stuck with the much simpler Ice Cannon. I missed a few putts that made me very sad, including a 41-yd rough putt that was pretty close, but the usual grid appeared relative to the hole rather than to me, even though I was using the putter. It's supposed to be relative to me so I can see where the ball's going to go! I hit it a bit too softly anyway - harder, and it would have rolled right into the hole. But he missed a few early shortcuts and the long putt on the second hole, so I managed to finish two strokes ahead. I finally learned why my Powerspin Tomahawks weren't working, though... contrary to what the instructions say, a Tomahawk doesn't require backspin at all. So now I use Topspin when I need distance on a Toma in strong winds. This will improve my approach shot repertoire nicely.

Today's Manga: I started reading Kingdom Hearts 2... which has naturally got me in the mood to play the game again. This time, I think I'll just forget about the final tournament and play through in Hard Mode, despite never having seen the final boss. It can't be THAT hard, can it? Easier than that tournament, anyway. Stupid time limit.

Today's Writing: Fall of the Crystal Millennium chapter 3! I finally challenged myself to come up with one line, whatever it was, and I came up with the perfect one. I didn't really write much, all told, because I was also watching Hell's Kitchen, but having written anything is a big step, and I fully expect to make some real progress from here. I may not even NEED prereaders for this one, which is good, because there are still no responses for QEFEFZ episode 4, and several people have said over the past few months that they'd read it for me. That's one episode that's not going ANYWHERE without prereading, and I don't care if that means it never sees the light of day. I don't like it, and I'm tired of staring at it and trying to figure out ways to fix it. All I need is an outside opinion... anything at all.

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