Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Well, as today is some sort of really important holiday in the States, I didn't go to work. We planned to grill some bratwurst and maybe some hamburger patties, but the forecast called for heavy storms (although all we got was a bit of a drizzle until evening, when the storms finally came), so we switched tacks and had dinner at TGIF instead. Not entirely bad, although I really don't think I like their ribs. Curt picked up a few games at Gamestop, and I wanted to get a wired XBox 360 controller, but ended up not buying it. Don't ask why. I did pick up a copy of the Wii version of the Order of the Phoenix game at Target, though. The price was just about right - I got a $10 gift card with it, as well as the free pass to any matinee showing of the movie within the first month. The game seems like it might be on the short side - in about an hour, I'm 14% of the way through, and I've unlocked three secrets - but I believe there are two other stories to play as well. Or maybe just parts of the main story where you play as other characters. I'll worry about that when I get there. If nothing else, I'm having fun exploring Hogwarts and casting Stupefy on the random Slytherins when I find them. I also beat the Gryffindor wizard chess champion... he was pathetic. If I tried to set up a combination to take one of his pieces, he'd move the defending piece out of the way for me, and when I initiated what was meant to be an exchange, he wouldn't make the capture. I've found the third player, but she insists that I beat the Slytherin champion first. Can't imagine it'll be TOO hard. Not like Exploding Snap Patience, anyway.

Today's Golf: Mom and I were about halfway through Silvia Cannon, with my score standing at -1, when I got disconnected. I doubt I was going to break par in that run, but I had a reasonable shot, and I only had one O.B.. Other than that, not too bad a day, and I've boosted Kooh's Control to the maximum, which should help with those Tomahawks.

I really hate Wednesday holidays. I feel like I should be staying up late, but I need to get to bed at the normal time. Two days of work until the real weekend... and I have to decide by tomorrow whether to order anything from ADV's big sale. There are a few things I'm interested in, including Pani Poni Dash DVD 5, some of Ah My Goddess season 2 (the second disc only, but it's something), and the entire Elfen Lied collection for barely more than the usual price of one disc. I could also check out UFO Maiden Ultravalkyrie, but I don't think I need to.

I also started a new file in Threads of Fate today. Not that I expect to do much with it, but this time, I'm doing Mint's storyline first. I got thrashed by the first boss, but I think that always happens. I have no idea how to dodge its charging attack, if such a thing is even possible. More on that later, maybe. I probably just need to go take lots more damage.

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