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Today's Bridge: I got another ace! Uncanny. Unfortunately, the day was characterized by some awful bidding. In our second hand, Keith passed, and I opened with a weak 3C. He responded 3S, and because I had four spades to the ace, I raised him to 4S. It turns out that he didn't actually have spades, so we ended up off six doubled for -1100 points. I failed to double a 5D by the opponents that was off three (no excuses - I had A-Q in each black suit and expected Dan to have at least one king and Steve to be short), but Keith doubled their next contract for off four, +1100. We needed a game to win, but he left us in 3D, making 4, when I'm convinced he could have made 5. He ruffed when he didn't need to and sluffed winning cards instead of losing cards, leaving himself with a losing club at the end when he could have set up a crossruff. Maybe this is karma getting me back for my streak of aces - making Keith my partner every time. But I'm sure he's learning. He just needs to learn which suit is which. ^_^

Today's Golf: A decent round on Shining Sand (including a rainstorm on 3 - I hit the gate for some good distance, making 90 yards of overdrive, and landed on the green, where I made my Eagle putt - a total of about 240 Pang), then three holes of Silvia Cannon, for par. Mom gave up on hole 3, but all you really have to do is accept par and play conservatively. I went for a Tomahawk, but not the shortcut - should've gone for the shortcut.

Today's Writing: More of that Snape scene from before - I'll finish before the book comes out, don't worry. I don't really like the style, but it's all speech, and I can't be bothered to add stage directions right now. I may put those in later if there's time.

The water in the building may finally be less yellow. Still not clear enough for me to trust it, though.

The big Independence Day plans proceed apace, but more interestingly, Curt detailed a plan that makes a PS3 seem worth getting. It seems that, as far as Blu-Ray goes, North America and Japan are the same region. So the Japanese PS3, which is much cheaper than the U.S. PS3, can play U.S. PS3 games and Blu-Ray discs as well as imported Region 2 DVDs and CDs. So it loses the backward compatibility with U.S. DVDs and PS[1-2] games, while featuring compatibility with imported games for those systems. It's the best of all worlds - we have DVD players and PS[1-2]s a-plenty, but I've never imported games because I didn't want to mod my systems. He says he's already won the bid on eBay for his, and I may look into getting one myself, although I'm in no hurry. I also harvested my old hard drives from the really old computer, but while Windows XP recognizes the drives, it can't mount the old D drive, so I doubt it would work with the old C drive. Oh well. Curt says there's something out there that can read it, so I'm not giving up yet.

So, iPhone fans... what's the deal with iPhone? Why are people spending so much for a device that says it's revolutionary but doesn't do anything that hasn't already been done by cheaper, more reliable devices? Talk to me. I want to understand this. Sort of like I want to understand Evangelion, which is why that's what I'll be watching starting tonight.

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