Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Kelly was out today and Dan drew the king, so Keith and I took on Bruce and Steve. We got into a 3H contract that was set three doubled, but I think Keith could have reduced that by pulling the rest of the trump. I couldn't reconstruct the hand enough to tell. That one hand tipped the scales against us, so there was no way to win without a slam, and no hope of making a slam with the hands we had.

Today's Golf: As predicted, I reached Junior rank, so I celebrated by buying the Twin Feather clubs. Of course, they have a lot more power than the default clubs, so I needed to raise the Control and Accuracy quite a bit to make these clubs control as well as the old ones. Fortunately, I had almost 80,000 Pang saved up, and that's about what it took. And there are a few upgrade slots left for even better handling, once I recover the Pang. I also went the extra few miles and bought more Astros, then spent about half of them on new characters and costumes. Like the outfit I picked for Arin, I doubt anybody's going to like my choices of clothes for Cecilia and Kooh, but I had to balance looks with stats. The least goofy shoes for Kooh came with garish orange socks, but I bought some matching hair ribbons, so she's got some color coordination. I think it'll probably look better with red or bright orange hair dye, but I'll hold off on those. For Cecilia, I have a choice of her cowgirl outfit, straight up, or the Tropical Bikini with sandals that don't quite match. I think that one will look good with Aquamarine dye, but that costs Pang, and I'm going to need a lot for stat upgrades. I also declined to get her the rose henna tattoo, because even though it increases her control by a point, I don't like the way it looks on her cheek. Maybe if I need the extra control, but I'm not bothering until I've had a chance to play her for a bit. I think I'll stick with Arin for tough competition and use the others for more casual play.

I've been going over some old entries, mainly looking for my writeup of that woman who killed herself with the banana. (Did you think I was joking?) I tagged a few, including a couple of memes and another bit of Bible humor, although all I did in that comment was quote some verses from Exodus where Moses handles his staff inappropriately at God's command. I wish some of those news stories were still around, like the one about the standardized test that used football in one of the math questions, asking where the ball was after six plays with the given gains and losses. The CORRECT answer was that it had been turned over to the other team after four downs when the net gain had failed to exceed ten yards, but that wasn't listed as an answer. I forget whether they threw the question out or not... that was over two years ago. But I got to experience some interesting sagas in my life all over again, from the bizarre medical drama that ultimately revealed nothing to the fateful San Diego trip where almost nothing went right, and my initial experiences with games like Ratchet & Clank 3 and manga series like In Dream World and the series serialized in Shoujo Beat magazine. There were comments from people who've probably forgotten I exist anymore. So how often do you go back through old entries, and how does it usually make you feel?

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