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Well, here I am, probably looking at another night of being up later than I should and still not watching Pani Poni Dash. More golf than usual, as well as dessert and a milkshake, have kept me away from my usual activities for yet another night. Well, that's what weekends are for - spending the entire time playing games.

Today's Bridge: Keith was my partner, and while he still makes mistakes, they're honest ones and he's learning. And it DOES sometimes work in our favor. There was a hand today where we had what looked like an easy slam - seven diamonds to the A-K-J-10 in his hand and two in mine, with 32 points between us, including my K-Q-J-x-x of clubs opposite his singleton ace. We were missing the ace of hearts, but we don't expect to lose anything else. Unfortunately, Steve had three diamonds to the queen, and while it was finessable, that's not necessarily the recommended play. I'd most likely have pulled trump, discovered the bad split, and tried to jettison my two hearts on good clubs, but the club split was 6-1... Steve would ruff in with the queen and cash the ace of hearts to set us. Then again, he bid during the auction, so with only 8 points unaccounted for, we can probably figure him for all of them and say the finesse is the safer play. Taking the finesse guarantees the slam, and the grand slam if they don't cash the ace on the first trick.

Today's Work: I hit Noah with the "IM IN UR ADCPS, BRAKIN UR MINDZ" popup today, and he reacted as he always does - the amused "Dammit" and continuing with what he was doing. I have no idea why he's so much fun to tease, other than that he always takes it with a laugh and a "Dammit". Making people laugh is my anti-drug. So, of course, when he found something I'd missed when updating a table of (way too many + 1) values, I had to respond with a simple: "To coin a phrase... Dammit." I knew the moment he received the E-mail from the laughter across the office.

I obviously didn't blend this milkshake long enough. Lots of chocolate chip bits at the bottom. Okay, yum, but that's some heavy chocolate flavor right there.

Today's Golf: I barely beat Shachihoko on Pang in nine holes at Shining Sand, then played three rounds with Mom and lost all three (two of them by Pang, I think). Silvia Cannon was due to way too many failures to hit the ship on hole 4, but I had to make the damn shot even if I lost. Boy, did I lose. Well, I need the practice, but maybe I should be getting it on Super Swing Golf instead.

I read Ai Yori Aoshi book 16 this morning (yes, the whole book in one morning), and it turns out that 17 will be the last one. ;_; *sniff* Want more! Death Note 12 is out, I'm two books away from reading the end of The All-New Tenchi Muyou, it'll be months before I see more of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Red River... why must they do this to me? It's probably their way of encouraging me to get back to making my own stories... can I write more Fall of the Crystal Millennium this year? The smart money says yes, but probably not to the end of chapter 3. I'm that stuck on it. Meanwhile, I'm thinking it may be nearly time to give up on finding prereaders for QEFEFZ episode 4, since the few people who've agreed to look at it never did. Still no access to my website, so I'll have to wait until then at least, but I'm anxious to get on to episode 5, mostly because I thought of an interesting gag during some discussions today about black holes (I have no idea where the topic came from). Pretty sure it's been done before, but the thought of Yakumo yelling "Mihoshi! Are you dumping garbage in the black hole again?" just makes me laugh on the inside. Yes, they're going to have a miniature black hole in the middle of the apartment now, and yes, I assume that means that Yakumo will be sucked in at least once. You'll find out how it comes to be there if you read episode 4, which only the prereaders will have the privilege of doing before I can get to my webpage. Hint?

Also, be sure to check lj_biz if you've been considering getting a permanent LJ account. They go on sale tomorrow for $150, some of the proceeds will go to groups that campaign for freedom of speech and victims' rights and so on, and Six Apart has at least gone a long way toward addressing the concerns that people have had recently regarding censorship and the banning or suspension of accounts. I may buy one - even though I don't care much about many of the features they provide, I might use some if I've paid for them. Among them, the ability to use a style that incorporates a tag list would be handy, and I wouldn't mind being able to make voice posts on occasion. You guys could hear my voice without having to talk to me on the phone! (I don't know why, but nobody seems to want to do that.) And I could make a weekend project out of clipping art for icons and start using icons that reflect my moods in some way, like most people do, instead of using Angol Moa for everything and occasionally Mint Blancmange with the "maa maa desu wa" sign. And the RahXephon cat and its evil grimace when I talk about cats and remember to switch the picture. And it WOULD be nice of me to support the company that's given me so much free service for so long.

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