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Man, it's lucky I get to update tonight. The Internet connection went down just after I finished playing golf with Mom, and I spent half an hour resetting the wrong damn device. Now it's working again.

Today's Bridge: I was out, but I got to see some of the saddest bidding ever. Keith opened 1NT slightly weak (and with six clubs), and Kelly jump-raised him with only 11 points. Not disastrous, but probably not the best way to go about it. Keith responded favorably with a four-card suit, and Kelly passed with only two of them. THAT was disastrous. Off one in a hand that should have made 3NT by my reckoning. Then Keith grossly underbid a mighty hand - he had 22 points, but opened at the 1 level and failed to jump, indicating about 13 points. They ended up in 3NT, making 7 thanks to Paul underleading his king of diamonds.

Today's Golf: Mom and I practiced on Wiz Wiz. I tried to make the canyon shot on hole 3 the second time, since I was several strokes ahead, but I missed it. However, given the angle the ball went after hitting the tree, I think the trick is to bank the shot off the walls rather than trying to avoid them. I may try that at some point, although it would be ideal if I could unlock the course in SSG and try it out there. (I'm pretty sure I haven't yet.)

Today's WTF, Hotmail?: They sent me a notice for Live Search Gaming, games that have Live Search functionality built into them. Every time you type an answer, it pulls up a window with search results for it. It's not bad, and there are prizes available if I ever accumulate enough tickets. But the WTF has to do with the E-mail they sent me after I signed up for it and made my account. Hotmail marked it as spam. ^_^() And they're usually so careful about that, too.

I watched the first two episodes of Jing last night (which kind of makes up for the fact that there's no way I'm going to fit in an episode tonight). It seemed pretty faithful to the manga, but I went back to the first chapter to make sure I wasn't crazy (and I wasn't... Postino wasn't in the manga), and it turns out that there were quite a few differences... events added and removed to tell the same story in a slightly different way. The anime does a considerable amount of building up to the ending of the first episode, while the manga just sort of threw it in there. The anime is also making Jing out to be a bit more of a hero, and his victims to be a bit more villainous. I'd have to read the early books again more carefully to determine which version I prefer, but I have to say that the anime was very well done either way. It's a shame that they won't be adapting any of the later chapters, where the art started to get confusing and I couldn't tell what was going on. It was pretty easy to follow animated, but the first few books of the manga weren't hard to follow either. They just got confusing on a scale only slightly slower than that of Trigun. Still, Jing: King of Bandits - recommended.

My anime package shipped and should be here on Wednesday. I only remembered after placing the order that I'd forgotten to get Cheeky Angel book 17 - one of the first ones I'd been waiting for. Oh, well. I'll probably be placing another order as soon as Haruhi Suzumiya DVD 2 comes out, provided that they've got the Rozen Maiden box by then, so I'll get it with that.

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