Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: The opponents had the cards, and Bruce misplayed at least one makeable hand. I can't stress this enough - when there's one outstanding trump in an opponent's hand, and you've got the ace of trump plus small trump... LEAD THE ACE! I feel like that facepalming kid on the Acts of Gord webpage.

Today's Work: Investigation reveals that there's no simple way to make the camera respond to the commands we're getting, so I whipped up a quick blend of threads, mutexes, and semaphores that should convert the inputs into camera-worthy outputs. I expect it to be slightly clunky, but with a bit of streamlining (which should be a simple matter of changing a few numbers), it should serve as a usable solution. It was also revealed that the menu will probably require alternate inputs, but I don't know whether those are really difficult or already done for me. Darn that lack of video. But we fully intend to demo what we've got sometime next week and then move ahead with other efforts. It probably won't be quite as much fun as what I've done so far, but it'll still be fun.

Today's Golf: I had a good run at the first tournament and tied my old record on West Wiz (-15... any one of a few long missed putts would have done it), then blew away my old North Wiz record (went from -6 to -13). Then we played a Vs. round on Shining Sand, and I was expecting Lurker to pummel me with trick shots and gates, but we both screwed up the same shots, and I screwed up one or two less to beat him by a stroke and a few hundred Pang that came from a long chip-in. Not only did I beat that record as well, I rose to the Beginner C rank and am a decent amount of the way toward B. Only five more ranks to go until Junior C!

Standoff is back, but I couldn't pay much attention because of the golf. It looked like a pretty good episode, though.

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