Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: The freebie worked for me, but the hands didn't. Our best was a 1H +1, while the opponents made a game (after Dan told Bruce to try again when he passed Kelly's jump shift... turns out Bruce had opened with 7 points, but Kelly had a 3NT-worthy monster) and didn't give up enough set tricks to make a difference. I gave Bruce some pointers and showed him the ACBL website, which he may check out over the weekend. The tutorials there should help him learn the bidding conventions.

Today's Work: I've finished most of my integration, but the program I'm integrating into seems to have some unfortunate definitions of how some functions work that don't match the controls I have to work with. I decided to wait until people who know the system come back on Monday to ask their opinion on how easy it would be to change that base functionality (or add to it as needed) rather than to force the controls into the mold they've set, which won't be pretty. (Try using an on/off function to match discrete controls... very messy.) I also need a bit more information to figure out which function each button or dial should activate, and if anyone wants to help me set up the main program to accept the new controls, that would be nice. But the program itself is mostly written and should function just fine once all that's done, and the joystick control was easy to program, although I don't doubt that the sensitivity will need adjustment.

Today's Golf: Online, I decided to equip some items for the first time. One Generic Lucky Pangya failed, but the second one succeeded and gave me my third ever Tomahawk. This is a special accomplishment because before tonight, I'd never even hit one. All three of the ones I managed tonight were very helpful, and I broke at least one record. Blue Moon, yet, where my previous record was +2. Tonight, I hit -4. I also hit my first Powercurve ever. I wasn't expecting it to be quite as effective as it was. I'll know for next time. Then I decided to keep going and loaded up SSG on the Wii. I beat Kooh 4 holes to 2 with a Dormie Hole in Max's final, then bought Kooh and Tiki. I tried two different outfits for Max and still haven't found the one I need to unlock his alternate tournament... must be either the swimsuit or something I haven't unlocked yet. Joy. I also had a very pathetic showing as Kooh against Scout, but I came close to winning on Pang... just missed the critical putt on the last hole. I think they're right, though... she IS probably the cutest of all the girls. I just liked Arin's stats better. Tiki's as well, although I think her quips when I land in the bunker are funny. I don't mind hitting the sand as much with her around. "Yay! Bunker practice!" (And I came VERY close to a chip-in on that shot.)

Also, the new Shonen Jump arrived today, pretty much on schedule. They're serializing Bobobo~bo Bo~bobo now, which I guess means that they agree with me... one book near the end of the series wasn't a fair treatment at all. Although they're starting at chapter 110... will they publish the earlier chapters in graphic novels? Will they ever publish enough of the series to make nonsense? Well, lots more Naruto starting this month... that's probably good for some.

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