Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I managed to get up at sometime in the 8 o'clock hour and drag myself out of bed. Two whole hours earlier! Now all I need to do is improve that by three more hours tomorrow, and I'm in good shape. So, this weekend's relaxation quotient was a pretty big failure. I played more golf in the afternoon, and skipped comedy night at Bear's for another round, at which I didn't do very well. (I know what some of my mistakes were, though. Possibly the hair color.) Poor Tiki... that was her first outing as my caddy, and I didn't do her very proud at all. I figured I could do better in a second round, and had almost enough time for it (close enough that I was going to fudge it, and had even queued up another Monk DVD so I'd have something in the background), but the other players were insulting the outfit I'd chosen for my character, and with that hanging over me as well as the possibility that things weren't going to improve in my play, I felt it would be judicious if I exited. They had enough players to continue. It just means I won't get the extra thousand Pang or so. Hopefully, they'll eventually come to accept the new look. There were a few other styles that would have given me the same stat boosts, but the only other one I like requires rank SENIOR E. I think that's ridiculous. And I like white hair on anime-style girls. It's sort of elfin. So, yes, I know I sound stupid for quitting a game because people were making fun of my outfit, especially given that I KNOW I have no dress sense at all (except I know I shouldn't mix blue with green - I do it because I don't care), but not as stupid as I look playing golf and having a bad night. Or playing Dawn of Mana like I did this morning. One of these days, I'll figure out those controls and learn how to throw things at enemies instead of at myself, and how to tell the difference between targeting, blocking, and wasting my magic casting the same spell over and over (for no added effect) while trying to do one of the above. I also made some progress in Twilight Princess, only to make a couple of sobering discoveries. 1) Every hidden chest in the entire game contains Rupees, usually 100. There are no hidden chests with Pieces of Heart anywhere. 2) And this one is actually true: Finding Great Fairy's Tears my first time through the Cave of Ordeals was apparently a fluke. I didn't get any this time, and consulting a FAQ showed me (among a couple of item spoilers that won't change anything much) that I wasn't supposed to. That explains why, when I did what I was told to get more, it didn't work - it was never actually activated. So I don't know how I got them, but I certainly can't get more. And that cave is a pain... fighting nine Armos at once has got to be on par with some of the hardest moments in Zelda history, right up there with the horse race in Ocarina of Time (almost impossible to win even once, but you have to win twice in a row at a cost of 50 Rupees per attempt), any room full of Blue Darknuts in the original Legend of Zelda, and more or less the entirety of Zelda 2, although Death Mountain stands out among the most difficult parts other than reaching the last level and beating the bosses.

And I finally got around to checking the mailbox for Saturday's mail... and the June issue of Shojo Beat finally arrived! And it had nothing to do with my renewal payment being a bit late, because my subscription was set to expire in September. That's published in August, so even with them printing mailing labels two months in advance, that shouldn't affect anything until June. Not late at all! But I haven't seen the new issue in stores either, so maybe they just printed it late. Shonen Jump for July should be arriving sometime this week or early next, so the dwindling queue of graphic novels shouldn't be a problem. (Not as though I'm short of books to refill it with, though... it's about time I finish up GALS and maybe Meru Puri or Lupin III.)

So that was my day. I've given up on trying to call people, because the few people whose numbers I have either never pick up the phone, probably don't know who I am anymore, or absolutely hate me for no reason I can understand. I don't blame them, of course... but I apparently can't understand, because they won't explain. I'm going to go watch the first episode of Tsubasa. I remember it being boring aside from the comic relief... maybe that'll have what it takes to put me to sleep. I might even leave the fan on overnight, although the A/C seems to be running for the moment. If it's still pumping when I turn in, I may actually fall asleep tonight.

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