Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It's amanojaku555's birthday tomorrow, but I haven't heard much from that front in a while. You still there?

Today's Manga: Bleach 19, Claymore 8, Busou Renkin 6, Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist 21, Zombie Powder 4, GALS 10, Tail of the Moon 5, Beauty Pop 4, MÄR 13, Dragon Drive 2, Loveless 5, Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 2, Prince of Tennis 19, Yurara 1, the second Chibi Vampire novel, and Megatokyo book 5. I thought about Hoshin Engi, but I had enough. I was also planning to spend about $100 at Best Buy, which I did. They had Fullmetal Panic: The Second Raid DVD 4, Avatar Book 2 DVD 3, the second season of American Dad, and a few other things that I had to choose between. It was a tossup between Bullet Witch, one of the new Pokemon games (hard to choose... Curt's got Pearl, but lurkerdrome's got Diamond... who do I want to trade with more?), or a pair of cheaper DS games, like Code Lyoko and Sudokuro. In the end, while Curt looked at wireless keyboards, some idiot struck up a conversation in front of the DS games so nobody could get to them, and I got Bullet Witch. It's fun, but difficult to control, and Curt's right - the time it takes Alicia to draw her gun is way too long. On the plus side, you can download free outfits for her, including a schoolgirl outfit, and soon, a secretary outfit. I almost beat the first mission, but it was too frustrating, so I went for something less frustrating - that hammer-wielding barbarian in God of War 2. This time, I managed to beat his horse without taking too much damage, and after a few deaths against his giant form, I had full health as well as full Rage of the Titans. Whaling on him in Rage mode with little regard for my health, followed by a barrage of all the magic I had, left him weak enough to be reduced to normal size with a few patient attacks (trying to beat him completely while remaining out of range is just out of the question), and after a dozen tries or so, I figured out how to dodge his spirit attack, and with that done, beating him was trivial. So now I'm up to the Temple of Euryale, with its skeletons and cyclopses, but those are just normal enemies, and it's a matter of having the patience to run through basic attack patterns to defeat them without taking too much damage. I've also finally built my blades to level 3. The game won't be easy the second time through, but it shouldn't be nearly this hard.

Today's Golf: I didn't do very well in the tournaments, but I had some success in Vs. play. Lurker had a bad night at the same time, so I managed to win. Now I'm at rank Rookie A. It won't be long before I'm a full-fledged Beginner! Mom's gotten into the game as well, and although she wasn't able to join the tournament tonight (Rookie Fs are barred from tournaments), the Vs. games got her up to Rookie E, so she can play with us on the weekends. Anyone else who's interested in online golf, check it out. It's fun.

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