Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Dan and I took on Paul and Keith, and Keith isn't quite used to the bidding just yet. He undervalued a relatively powerful hand, although they just barely made their 2S contract, and he misled Paul in finding the lengths of his suits in another hand, where they ended up in 3S even though Keith had no spades (they still made 5), and they had 6D in the bag, thanks to lacking only club honors, and Paul had a singleton. So we ended up with a few more points than they had, and the almost random 2NT bid I threw in happened to make, thanks to Keith jettisoning his winning spade to hold on to a losing club.

Today's Work: I ended up staying pretty late, because the guys on one of the projects I'm on wanted to meet at 3 to capture some data, when that was the time I was scheduled to leave. So I put in an hour and a half of comp time, and in the end, we weren't able to get the data anyway due to what looks like massive hardware failures - different failures in each of the two systems we could have used. That really sucks.

Today's Gaming: I was going to play Super Swing Golf, but my Wii remote was out of charge (no idea how that happened, but I figure it's discharged enough to sit in the Chargestation full time now), so I loaded up God of War 2 instead, and I'm searching for Urns late in the game. I found something that seems interesting, but it's really tricky and probably doesn't actually mean anything. Unfortunately, it's also easy to screw up, so I'm glad I saved a second file. I'll start from there next time and try my idea. I'd have gone for Titan mode, but I really didn't have the time I'd need to devote to it. I did, however, secure the 20 Cyclops Eyes to unlock another costume. Maybe it'll look cool.

And I finished the last of the Harry Potter CDs just as I was pulling up at the house this afternoon. I'll go back to my old habit of listening to the radio and switching to a CD if I don't like what I'm hearing. It's always worked in the past.

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