Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I was out, but Bruce played as a regular, and I sat behind him to act as coach and vicarious player. His side didn't have much power, either... the other side made 5 contracts on most of the hands.

Today's God of War 2: I beat it and didn't find any of the missing Urns. But it gave me Titan rank this time... as if that would be hard with the powers I had at my disposal. I tried the second Titan Challenge again, but failed miserably. I can barely survive to the end, let alone score air kills in that time. My best so far is about 5. I think I need to use the Icarus Wings to full advantage to make it work. And there will be 5 more challenges after that one. Ugh.

Today's Work: The air conditioner was out all day, and it was roasting by the end of the day. I'm bringing a pair of shorts tomorrow, and I'm not afraid to use them.

Looks like Curt may be coming down with what I had. He says he's lost his appetite recently, but he's taking off tomorrow, and there's the whole weekend ahead, so we'll see what happens. I figure I probably can't catch it back from him, at least.

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