Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I seem to have gotten a lot done today. I did the shopping while the car was in for its 5,000 mile service, did the laundry while playing FF12 and watching House, and got pizza from Papa John's while... watching House.

Today's Manga: Maburaho 2 (finally... and it's the end of the series already - maybe I should get that full series boxed set of the anime), Rose Hip Zero 2, and the first book of the revised Gunsmith Cats - which appears to be an omnibus printed right-to-left. I read quite a bit of it back in college while staying at the Shadowrun GM's house over break, and I remember it being pretty good. So what's the plural of omnibus? Onmibi? Omnibii? Omnibuses? I also got the second season of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge... which could mean that it's about high time I watch the first one.

Today's FF12: More plot battles, more Marks, a few new weapons and pieces of armor, and Scourge. Now that I'm playing a game with a real magic user, I've been appreciating many of the attack spells, but Scourge takes the practice to a new level. It's powerful enough that Penelo usually regains all the MP she used to cast it, or if it doesn't quite kill the enemy, she only loses about 1 or 2 MP. And it can hit multiple enemies if they're close enough, doubling or tripling the fun! Unless there's a whole crowd of really strong enemies, like in one of the areas I'll need to traverse eventually. It looks like there are now three areas full of tough enemies that I need to get through, and one that I haven't bothered to visit yet because that's where the plot will take me and I'm not ready. But maybe I'll be able to fight that stupid bomb soon. That'd be neat.

Today's Dinner: I got a large pan pizza with five toppings, breadsticks, a dessert pizza, and a two-liter of Sprite for $19.99 plus tax and tip. I still tipped even though it was carryout. I'm generous. I ate half of most of it, but left one extra breadstick in case Curt wants some tomorrow, and didn't touch the soda. That's my drink for lunch this week.

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