Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Well, I didn't even try with chicken broth today. Just Gatorade... mostly one flavor, because drinking the red one makes it hard to tell whether there's blood in my stool or just Red 40. I felt a few stirrings of what might be a precursor to hunger, but no actual hunger yet. That means at least one day off work. If I don't have an appetite by Tuesday, I'll go back to the hospital. Either way, I'll probably start off tomorrow with some chicken broth, just to make sure I'm getting as balanced a diet as I can given the constraints.

Today's FF12: I finally decided to skip the evil bomb and go fight Gilgamesh. He wasn't too hard, although near the end of the fight, I had Penelo keeping everyone in Bubble and Protect. Then I fought the Behemoth King. He was about the same as Fenrir, only with more HP and spells that couldn't be reflected. And stronger attacks. That one took all the Bubble, Protect, Shell, and Cronos Tears and Ethers I could spare, over a few hours. But I beat him too. I was too tired to see what use I can make of the reward just yet, but I think it'll lead to something good.

Today's Ratchet & Clank 2: Beat a few more planets, bought a few more weapons. I also loaded up my Challenge Mode file just to see how I was doing, and whether any of the Nanotech powerups I found today were the one I'm still missing. Doesn't look like it.

The new manga series, Yurara, looks promising. Nothing in it that hasn't already been done, but I liked the first chapter. It's a bit like Ceres meets Tactics, maybe - a girl with an alternate personality that she uses to help fight ghosts, with sidekicks who wield magical fire and water. Yet another title to keep my eyes peeled for, once I can finally make it to bookstores again.

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