Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I was out.

Today's Health Update: I decided to skip dinner entirely... and I'm still not hungry at all. Feeling hot, though. I assume I have a fever. I should get a thermometer and check that. I think I'll just skip eating and go to bed. See if I'm hungry in the morning.

Today's Albatross 18: I put in lousy showings in the tournaments, but then we played a round of Stroke on the front 9 of Pink Wind, and I edged out lurkerdrome by one stroke. It was all down to one hole where I managed to Eagle by getting a lucky shot over the hill. It hit the path and bounced right over the bunker and onto the green. The others did well on most of the holes, but got so far behind trying to make it over the hill that they were out of the running. I'm still only Rookie D, though. There was an idiot named something like yappanator who was posting crude messages on the ticker for all to see, and I asked how to report it. One of our guild members thought I was referring to her and quit the guild. I explained what had happened, and out of the blue, after the game was over, she messaged me with something, and before I could get to a chat window to reply, she was gone. *sigh* Is there something in the rules that says we have to put up with utter morons to be a legitimate guild?

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