Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Hopefully, those missing my usual news post inferred that I stayed home sick today. In that, you are correct. My throat was still sore, and I was particularly worried by my lack of hunger. I haven't felt hungry all day, although I skipped breakfast entirely (some bottled water to keep my throat irrigated probably shouldn't count) and ate a big lunch at about the time I would have eaten lunch at work. I had tuna sandwiches, some pickle wedges, and finally tried some of the Flat Earth chips I bought a few weeks ago. Those things are GOOD. They remind me just a tiny bit of Pringles, in that they're not greasy, but they've used it to their advantage by adding natural fruit flavoring. I really liked them. As Curt said, they may not be quite worth the price, but I enjoyed them anyway. I also had some soda, and the roast turkey Hungry Man dinner, and no sickness yet. Curt says he's been lacking hunger recently as well, so it could be contagious. Is it worth staying home again tomorrow if I'm not feeling hungry at all by the time I need to leave? Tough call. I DO have things to do at work that I'd really like to have finished by Monday morning, if possible.

Today's Gaming: I opened the door to the third world in Super Paper Mario. It's getting a bit better, but still not near the fun factor I'd come to expect from Paper Mario. Switching from 2D to 3D is an okay gimmick, but it's so deeply rooted in everything you have to do that it gets annoying quickly. At least the boss battles are fun. I also played some more Ratchet & Clank 2 (finished everything until the disposal planet... contemplating going back to the earlier spaceship level and collecting more Raritanium first - and only took three tries to get every crystal in the desert, including 70 of them in my first outing) and Super Princess Peach (Paper Mario got me in the mood to get on with secret collecting - I'm somewhere in world 6 now).

While all that was going on, I watched Super Troopers. There were times when I lost track of the story briefly, sort of like several Bastard Operator From Hell stories, but once I figured out who the characters were, it was pretty funny.

The FFML lives and Kurt Vonnegut doesn't. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about either of those. I've never read anything by Vonnegut that I can remember, and don't plan to. As for the FFML, the two people who are famous for writing really lame stories and then begging for feedback so they can ignore it have already posted new... material. Still, if I ever get around to finishing the last remaining chapter of the Harry Potter MST, at least I'll have someplace to post it. I'm starting to think free hosting, or even a paid domain of my very own, might be worth looking into. Is anyone out there interested in seeing my stories online again?

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