Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

News as unfortunate as having all four of your limbs cut off in one day

This woman is auctioning off almost everything she owns in a single auction. Does anyone want a woman's life for $2000?

A Saudi man's wives remove part of his nose when he threatens to marry another woman. Now he has to do it just to keep his dignity. Isn't it crazy what women can drive a man to?

A Myanmar man steals cars just to get at the fuel. This is what rubber tubes and gas cans were invented for.

A Chinese comedian is in trouble for advertising Tibetan diet tea that's neither Tibetan nor diet. "Secret Fat Elimination Tea" is obviously just a slogan, like "I'm lovin' it" or "Where's the beef?" It has no actual relation to the product at all.

A low-carb diet makes a Virgin airlines pilot fail an alcohol breath test. Take THAT, Dr. Atkins!

Chinese officials plan to investigate how people treat their parents when considering promotion opportunities. Giving your mother a gift of Tibetan diet tea is a bad move.

A couple meets after he dreams of her phone number and randomly texts her. If I got a message like that, I'd delete it. Maybe that's why I miss my opportunities?

20 gunmen can't break a criminal out of an Italian prison hospital. They just needed Bloodberry and Rally Vincent.

An article about using the Internet to aid your dating efforts. If any of that advice had any application to my life at all, I might use it.

Teen runs a prostitution service through Craigslist. The Internet has many implications in the world of human sexual interaction... not all of them innocent.

Former Air Force staff sergeant and trainer loses her military career after posing for Playboy. I think it's just sad myself. All of it - the Air Force, Playboy, the woman... just sad.

The copyright holders of Felix the Cat are suing the Kit-Cat Klock company for infringement. I've heard of "Felix clocks" and always thought they WERE meant to be Felix the Cat... so maybe there's something to the suit. But since both properties have been around for decades, who knows how the suit will go?

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