Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: The tournament is over, and we cleaned clocks today despite not making as good a showing as I'd have liked. It was mostly just that the other table was worse off than we were. I wasn't entirely pleased with the final hand, where I had S K-x-x-x-x H A-K-x-x C A-K-Q-x, opened 1S, and then doubled the opponents' 2C, which got passed out. I had the five tricks in my hand, and if I could just get a diamond ruff, or the king of spades, or anything useful in my partner's hand, that would set them, but it didn't happen. Still, even the doubled contract wasn't game, and I knew they weren't going to get any overtricks, so the damage wasn't too bad. The other table was off one for 100 points, while the partscore netted them 180 points at our table. Not a disaster compared to a 300 point difference and a 700 point difference in our favor on two other hands. So we came out second overall, and it's been suggested that we change teams and keep running totals of individual scores as well as team scores as we play future tournaments. For now, though, it's back to crazy Bridge as usual.

Today's Work: I think we're getting close to making the system work with the new radios. We confirmed that the hardware needs changing, and with a version of the new hardware already in place (which I was told had been removed... clearly, it wasn't), it looks like a software change that has already been requested might turn out to be exactly what we need. If it works, then most of the inspiration wasn't mine, but I did put in a bit of perspiration and a lot of exasperation. But Dan will be happy. If it doesn't work... we've got a few other ideas, mainly for the hardware.

Today's FF12: Having hit some roadblocks sidequest-wise, I continued with the main quest. Fields of draining MP SUCK. But I've got plenty of hard-hitters in my party, despite Penelo (my dedicated combat mage who can also now wield a dagger if necessary) being almost ten levels higher than anyone else. I figure, if I'm going to use magic, I want it to be as powerful as it can get. And I switched Vaan from his usual pole to a ninja sword when I found myself fighting a rare monster that absorbed wind and an elemental that was immune to it at the same time. The elemental was weak to Dark, the ninja sword's element, and he happened to have the license, so I figured why not? And it kicks ass, when I happen to be fighting a monster so equipped. I thought he got plenty of combos with the pole and the cat ears, but he was hacking away like there was no tomorrow. I just want to say that the Snowfield of Clear Vision is the least appropriately named place I've ever seen in a video game.

I shaved tonight. My poor razor is recovering and nursing its wounds, and my face is doing something similar. I didn't intend to shave all the way to the stubble, but it's hard to use the trimmer effectively, and when it got uneven, I figured my best bet was to chop it all off and start again. It'll be back to its food-snagging bulk in a week and a half or so.

I watched Bones tonight... I was thinking of turning it off, but then I saw Stephen Fry's name in the credits. He's made the leap across the pond to American dramas! And he did a great jobjeeoraerarearb. Our dream of seeing him land a role on House is one step closer to fruition.

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