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Yo diggity, check it! I is 'ere wif a round table discussion of offensiveness, censorship, morality, and effics. We's been talking about dis subject for some time, and now we's 'ere to talk about it in a civilianised way. Now, some people fink it's a bad idea to offend someone, and ovva people fink it's protected by va first amember to some paper what was written like a 'undred years ago. But my main man, Nidoking 'ere, finks vat bein' offended is a choice you make, even if you doesn't know you is makin' it, an' vat tellin' people vey's not s'posed to offend you is just pushin' you's own morality onto vem. So let's talk about what is offensive. I mean, some people, right? Some people even fink ME is offensive. Now, me's just bein' me. 'Ow does vat offend someone? Yo, let's 'ear from you.

(I have no idea why my brain immediately went into Ali G mode when I decided to make a post for discussion. I won't be keeping up the persona in the comments, so feel free to share your views without fear of stupidity from the interviewer.)

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