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Today's Work: Dan returned today, so a lot of questions got answered and a lot of the work of the past few days was decreed useless... administration can be a real bitch sometimes. I got a few productive things done, not counting productively undoing the unproductive doings of days past. Poetic, no? No.

Today's Bridge: With Dan back in the opposite seat, we were back in the game. But Paul S. was my partner for the first hand while we waited for Dan, and his third-seat 1S opening went unopposed. And rightly so... my hand was incredibly weak, and the points were split evenly between the opponents. We made one overtrick, and it was hard-fought. Then Dan sat down, and raised my perfectly safe 3C bid to 4C because that was game. We made it because Paul misplayed... led the king of hearts into dummy's A-J-x-x, I ducked, and he led the queen. Successful Bath Coup indeed. We turned out not to need the other club trick, though... after I'd pulled trump, I conceded the two spade losers I had left and ruffed out the clubs. Then they made a small slam in clubs and game in spades to win the rubber, while our big claim to points was a two trick set doubled and a hand where Steve passed the 6D Blackwood response when their slam was in clubs, if they had one. Not nearly enough. We had time for one more hand, and Dan opened 2C. Well, I had three to the king and six diamonds to the K-Q, but I wasn't going to rebid diamonds. Steve overcalled 2H, and I supported Dan with 3C. Paul bid 3D, I believe, and Steve responded 3H to show his length (six to the A-Q, I think), so I bid 4C as a sacrifice. They ended up in 5S somehow or other, with Paul as declarer. We got one trick early on, and then I believe I trumped in with my last spade when my hand was D K-Q-x C K-x-x. The diamond ace was long gone (our first trick - dummy was singleton) and Paul had been sluffing diamonds, but both he and dummy had shown two clubs, which meant that whatever Dan had left of his six were all the clubs left, while Paul had to have another diamond. I led the king of diamonds and it got ruffed for their missing trick. Had I led the king of clubs, they were off one - redoubled, yet. As it was, they made 650 points, while we would have made 200 for the set. Oh well, as I always end up saying. Next time, Gadget. Next time....

Writing tonight will probably be the MGT contest chapter... does anyone know about the abundance and location of plant life in Paris, particularly within view of the Eiffel Tower? (Which covers most of the city, I know...) I'm wondering where someone who wants to be surrounded by plants might try to go, particularly if they're on foot in one of the urban areas. I think there were lots of trees growing at Montmartre, but probably not enough, and I don't know how close that would be to apartments where the character might be walking. Anyone out there have any useful info? Possibility of getting a dialogue going? It's vital to the story, although making up facts isn't far from what I usually do.

Why am I making this entry so early? There's another one coming soon.

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