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Happy birthday to breakofdawn... hope things have been going okay since last week.

Today's Bridge: The first day of the tournament. I can't discuss it here, because the other foursome has yet to play today's hands. But the storage seemed to work out okay, and I explained to Paul a bit about the difference between duplicate play and rubber play. Mainly, you take more risks in duplicate if the payoff's good, and when there's a good chance of making an overtrick that might jeopardize the contract, you might go for it in duplicate even though it's rather stupid in rubber.

Today's FF12: I think I've completed all of the non-plot related quests I can do at the moment. One of them promised treasure and failed to deliver, but maybe I missed something there. I beat a Mark and an Esper, but there was a lot of running around in between because my Clan Rank went up and I didn't realize there would be a save point in the next room. Fortunately, the Esper was a pushover... instant death spells are old hat by now, and the timer isn't fooling anybody. I did take the opportunity to buy a few new Gambit targets that could be useful, and I found that Horology is pretty powerful now that I've wasted more time than it probably takes most people to beat the game. I'm just getting the most out of it as I go.

Today's Work: I finally got to play with the system I'll be working on. It was interesting. Now that I've seen it in action, I'm probably not much better prepared for the specific work I'll be doing, but at least I know what it is, what it does, and how it's generally used. I also know some of the problems with it, so I'll be looking into those.

I watched the last of the first season of Galaxy Angel this evening over dinner, so I can't put it off any longer. Tonight begins the second DVD of Pani Poni Dash. It's early yet, though, so I should probably write another scene of the yet-untitled Harry Potter in Slytherin "story". I really should call it SOMETHING, shouldn't I? Even just a working title?

The Halloween feast came to an abrupt halt as Professor Quirrel burst through the double doors, screaming "Troll! There's a troll in the castle!"
Everything seemed to happen at once. Students swarmed in all directions, panicked, while teachers shouted above the din. Professor McGonagall's voice could barely be heard. "All students, return to your dormitories at once! Prefects, take charge! Make sure no students are left behind! Teachers, spread out and search the castle! For Heaven's sake, Quirrel, pull yourself together!"
Harry felt a rough hand grab his shoulder and pull him into the middle of the chaos. "This way, Slytherins!" called Ernie Bulstrode's voice. Elbows jabbed at Harry's back as the entire Slytherin table stood up and gathered into a rather unruly bunch near the door. Ernie led them out of the Great Hall and down the stairs to the dungeons.
"Too bad we're stuck with this lot," Draco muttered to Harry. "Bet I could take care of that troll myself."
"You think so?" asked Harry, feeling rather bold as he noticed the top of Crabbe's head way at the front of the group, with Goyle not far behind. "I expect you'd run screaming like a baby at the sight of it and curl up in a corner somewhere."
Draco grabbed Harry's arm painfully. "What was that, Potter?"
"You wouldn't have Crabbe and Goyle to hide behind," said Harry.
Draco seethed. "Right, then," he snarled in a tone that sent a chill down Harry's spine. He suddenly jerked Harry sideways, dragging him by the arm against the movement of the crowd, into a side passageway.
"Let me go!" moaned Harry, in what would have been a shout loud enough for the Slytherins to hear had Draco's grip on his arm not made him half choke the words back.
"Nobody calls me a baby," said Draco. "I'll show you I know how to handle a troll. We're going to find it. No Crabbe, no Goyle. Just you, me, and the troll."
"We can't do that!" Harry protested. "If one of the teachers catches us...."
"Now who's the baby?" sneered Draco.
Harry pulled his arm out of Draco's grip and adjusted his robes. "Fine. I'd like to see what you do when you're face to face with a troll."

To be continued, I think... it's getting a bit late.
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