Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ah, I see we've hit the full run of birthdays again. Tomorrow, it's underwolf's turn. Unfortunately, I haven't got the time to make an anime screencap of something cute and furry, but here's the RahXephon cat icon. It had to be made... you don't see a cat stare at the camera for ten seconds with THAT expression on its face and not cap it.

Today's Bridge: Of course, I was out, but we took the day to explain some of the rules of duplicate Bridge for the upcoming tournament. I stopped at Kroger's after I got home and bought some paper bags to put the hands in as well as rubber bands to seal them. No slipcovers... we'll just snag some copier paper or something for that. Dan thinks it will go poorly, but I'm looking forward to it even so.

Today's FF12: I found the cactus, then found the key I've been searching for all this time. It's possible that I could have found it a bit sooner in the game, but I doubt it. I think it only appears after a certain point, because the enemies in the newly-opened passage are pretty even with me as I am now. And the traps are nasty. My whole party has Libra, so why do they keep walking into the traps? I found a few neat things, but nothing great or amazing. I'm on my way to fight what will probably be the last Rank V Mark, though, and I should be able to defeat it easily enough. It's all a matter of on-the-fly strategy.

Last night, I watched an episode of Galaxy Angel that raised Mint's cuteness to new heights. Before, she was telling stories about her "dead" comrades just so she could wear a chicken costume. Now, she's killing her comrades just so they won't see her with her head stuck in a cardboard cutout. Still not as cute as Angol Moa, though... she'd destroy the planet if someone were going to embarrass her like that. But as far as I know, the Sgt. Frog anime is still merely on its way to this country, and I'm not sure whether I'll get it or not. The first episode was really pathetic. Then again, it's Mine Yoshizaki... how can I resist?

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