Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

smidleke and songs_of_joy have birthdays tomorrow, but I don't know if either one reads my journal. Well, if they do, here's their happy birthday wish.

Today's Bridge: It wasn't looking good for CP and me against Matt and Dan. He gave up control in a 3NT hand when Matt was loaded with winning clubs, but our distributions were a disaster from the start, so we were almost guaranteed off one, and ended up off three. I can't hold it against him, because I had a chance to make 3S on the next hand, but went for the queen finesse instead of the drop (which would have worked). But then things turned around big time. CP opened 1S when I had S 9-x-x-x-x H A-K-J-x-x C x-x-x, and I didn't see any option but to jump straight to 4S. CP wanted to explore slam, but couldn't, and Dan doubled. For once, CP redoubled, and we ended up making 7 when the queen of hearts fell to the finesse. We decided later that the splinter bid 4D would have led us to slam had we been using that convention, but the 1130 points we made for the redoubled game bid were worth more than the 710 we'd have made for bidding slam, and even the 1210 point grand slam bid wouldn't be much of an improvement (and would be a big risk, if the finesse failed). Then Dan doubled our easy 3NT bid to end the rubber. I have no idea why he got so double-happy today. Usually, he'll do that when he's behind, but I guess he was expecting CP to "tilt" from the stress of missing a couple of hands. It has historical precedent, but when I raise to game, I mean it.

Today's Work: I'm off and running on the new project... only to fall flat on my face every other step. Seriously. We're putting the build environment together piece by piece, based on the error messages when everything grinds to a halt. I have to get used to setting up SSH and Java every time I want to do anything, although the new scripts we put into place should change that. I also worry when someone writes a test procedure referencing a file that doesn't exist. It makes me feel pretty confident that they didn't actually run their own procedure.

No gaming today... it was a late morning, and then I put in a bit of comp time to finish a step in setting up the new project at work, and I still needed gas, so I didn't get home until about 6:30. And it was Homestar Runner toon day, which was delivered on time for once. So all I got to do was watch an episode of Da Ali G Show while I ate dinner. "Today, we is gonna talk to a couple who are in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine and Todd Whitman. For reals!" They mostly talked about the size of whale poop.

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