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Today's Bridge: We had a going-away party for the exiting branch manager, but we managed to convince Thom to join us for our complement of eight. I got a king, as always, and it just happened that Thom was my partner. Aside from leading out all of his high cards on the first notrump contract and possibly giving them more tricks than they deserved, I think he did pretty well for today. He wasn't afraid to ask questions near the end, and I fully respect that. We still lost, but as usual, I got crap for hands.

Today's Work: Basically, the proposal I put together last week was sent to people who had forgotten that we were preparing a demo parallel to the similar project they're planning to do. So they got confused, wondered where in our demo their project was, effectively called us idiots (it was "I don't think they know where we are with this," but I could feel the implication in my ulnae), got the correct context from the guy on our side, and continued to miss the point completely. In the end, we decided to have a meeting sometime next week to present our proposal on our own terms, which should help sell the idea. I also have a different new project to work on for the immediate future, which is good, because the equipment we need to continue working on my current project is going on a field trip for a week. And the new project will serve as my training ground for the one that's suffering from confusion. If I can word it tactfully, that may be a selling point - that another project is paying for my ramping up. But politics is the devil's bedfellow, and it doesn't use protection.

Today's FF12: I got some rare items, defeated another Mark (easier than easy, even though I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and had Penelo casting elemental spells it was immune to for half the fight), beat a boss (which was very hard and required the patience to outlast two Renews and a host of minor enemies coming from every direction), upgraded a few weapons (I really wish they'd show more stat increases than the base, because the Golden Staff turned out to be MUCH more powerful than the Gaia Rod once I was willing to spend the money just to try it on... Fitting Room, kplzthxbai?), and made some progress in reaching another, probably very difficult Elite Mark. Fortunately, in this case, as I make progress toward it, I can open shortcuts that will make it easier to retreat, recover, and resume without having to fight my way through hordes of normal enemies that have nearly wiped me out a few times. (Again, having six usable characters has worked to my advantage.)

I was thinking Hardee's beer-battered fish sandwiches for dinner, but I got home late, and Curt's dinner was already in the oven. So Hardee's is tomorrow night. Weather-wise, the night sucked, as the thunder and lightning woke me at 3:30 and kept me awake. After that, aside from a few seconds at a time of very hard rain (which may have just been wind-induced), the weather was quite mild. I was expecting a hellish drive home and even considered leaving work early to catch a break in the weather, but there was almost no rain at all. And no indication of any tornado watch-like conditions. Considering that I made a very late morning of it, and had to stop for gas as well, it was one of the fastest commutes I've ever had. And yes, I slow down a bit before going through patches of water, especially around curves. It was the wind that almost blew me off the road once, but then it calmed down too. And I'm almost done Chamber of Secrets, making splendid progress toward my goal of finishing the rest of the series before the release of Deathly Hallows. One thing I've been wanting to say for a while now... we all know I forgive a lot in this series, and the one objection I've raised is easily explained, as J.K. Rowling certainly didn't have the details of all the later books finalized before she wrote the first one, or she wouldn't have made such an obvious mistake. But sometimes, there are contradictions even within a single book! When Hermione first sees Moaning Myrtle at the Death-Day party, she mentions that Myrtle haunts a toilet on the first floor. So why is the bathroom where Myrtle actually hangs out located on the third floor? Tsk tsk tsk, Ms. Rowling. (I'm not entirely innocent here, as I once had an orphan mention that her parents wouldn't let her leave town on her own, but it was easily explained away by mentioning that she thinks of her foster parents as real parents. No visible oops residue.)
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