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Today's Bridge: Fortunately, we had eight people, so my streak remains intact. Poor Raymond didn't have much to bid with, but Dan made up for it with his bids. Shame he didn't have much to back it up either. It was a pretty close contest at first. They made 2S with an overtrick, and we made 3S with two (Steve undervalued his hand after I opened 1NT... he had nine points, which should be a 2NT response, or maybe even 2C with his five spades), but the last hand saw Steve open 1D and me respond 2H. That kind of powerhouse. And Dan jumped in with 3H. Steve doubled and Raymond passed (probably not the best idea, since hearts are clearly wrong and Dan needs an idea of what suit to bid, and Raymond had six little clubs), but Dan "corrected" to 4D, and I had to double that. They didn't make their ten tricks. In fact, WE took ten tricks. Steve led to my ace of hearts right off, and I had Q-x of spades, so I shot him the queen and got Dan's king out. Steve cashed the jack and led me a low spade, snagging the board's ten and giving me a ruff. I had A-x of diamonds left and the board had K-x, so I ran the diamonds and Dan was stuck on the board with nothing but clubs to lead. Steve got a low one (I had A-Q-x and ducked) and cashed the king of hearts, taking the board's jack and leaving my Q-10-9 all high, then fed me the king of clubs. I covered, threw the queen, and Steve overruffed Dan and cashed his good nine of spades before Dan was left with the last two diamonds. Hilarious, hilarious cardplay, and Steve was one hundred percent perfect. I figure we would most likely have made 6 hearts, with a play for an overtrick if I thought I needed it, but what's 910 or 1010 points (because Dan would double on the last hand) compared to 1300 for a seven-trick doubled set?

Today's Work: We're approaching a solution to our radio problem. I favor that solution being "get rid of the crappy radios and stick with the ones that work", but since it looks definite that we're going to need a hardware change at minimum to support the new radios, they may already agree with us that the work isn't worth it. But it's their money if they want to spend it. (I hear that they don't, and it was only at our insistence that they let us investigate the radios before sending them into the field... lucky for them that we did!)

Today's FF12: I finished the hunt from Sunday night and defeated another one that I was just checking out to see how long I could survive. It was surprisingly easy considering the type of enemy it was. If it had ever used Reflect, I'd have been finished. But now I've beaten a Rank V Elite Mark (the one I thought was a Rank III just because I managed to beat it on my first try... I guess it WAS on the tricky side, but my strategy was impeccable) and a Rank IV regular Mark. I think there's only one more clan rank for me to reach... maybe two. Monid admits that I'm a pretty good hunter, and that's saying something. There's even a Rank VII Elite Mark available, but I'm not going to fight that for a long time. The Rank VI Mark will fall long before that. Meanwhile, there's one more Rank III Elite Mark I'm hoping to get to at some point soon, a few spells and Techniks that look useful, new weapons and armor that approach utility, and some conversations that I was really looking forward to, which I think turned out to be a huge disappointment. But I'm making some progress.

Tonight's "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?": It must be the most embarrassing show on television. Now I know why they got Jeff Foxworthy to host... because he's great at making idiots look even more like idiots. The first guy on the show missed the first question (In what month do we celebrate Columbus Day? I wouldn't know either, but thanks to being a federal employee, I look forward to it every October), then used his cheats on the next two questions (True or False: In the wild, polar bears typically eat penguins; If a triangle has area of 16 square inches and a base of 8 inches, what's the height?), and dropped out on the fourth question, which I missed because I was cleaning the oven. He took a guess just to check it out and got it wrong. (The answer was Andrew Johnson, and he guessed John Quincy Adams.) The second contestant correctly guessed that the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, but had to use a cheat when asked what the REM in "REM sleep" stands for. And that's all they had time for. The contestants take forever to come up with answers, and almost never seem to get one right. I could win a big prize on that show! They're probably looking for people older than me, though, who've forgotten all of that stuff like I have.

The ending theme of Negima reminds me of at least two other songs. The musical intro sounds really familiar, although I'll have to listen to it again to remember what it reminded me of, and the vocal part in the first verse souds distinctly like another tune. I was thinking one of the songs from Little Nemo: Dream Master on NES, but it's not quite right. If anyone out there has the song handy, on a soundtrack, DVD, or *shudder* fansub, care to check it out and let me know what you think?

Still in the market for Wii Friend Codes. I know at least one person posted one a long time ago, when I thought I was still years away from getting one, so I didn't make a note of it. She's probably filled her address book by now anyway. Still, anyone who wants to see my Miis or fill up my Flash Memory with messages, show me your code!

Also forgot to mention last night that I got an anime envelope. I thought it would be book 22 of Hana Yori Dango, since I've been expecting that, but it was DVD 7 of Hare Nochi Guu. There are three items in transit from Anime Castle now, according to the receipt E-mails I've gotten, so there should be some fun coming my way this week and maybe next. Until then, I've got three Negima episodes left on this DVD before I start finishing Guu.

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