Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy tomorrow birthday to enigmaticmagus! Now we know where all the birthdays went.

Today's Manga: The Devil Does Exist 9 and Disgaea 2 book 1. I wasn't expecting to find much, so it was a pleasant surprise. I also got Bullshit season 4 and Super Troopers (bargain rack) at Best Buy and Prank the Monkey (the book of pranks from with material I've never read before) at B&N. I came home and watched the Bullshit DVDs, but it started to rain and sleet in the late afternoon, and Curt realized that we hadn't taken the chicken out of the freezer to thaw. It's thawing in the fridge now, but for tonight, we had to choose between going out in the slush (and flooding roads, thanks to both the heavy precipitation and the still-thawing ice) and eating whatever we could scrounge from the freezer. I was all for eating in, but he pointed out that if we went to China Wok, we could do the weekly food shopping while we waited, because it usually takes a while (and for good reason). We did the shopping in a hurry, although most of the shopping public seemed to want to slow us down (Curt's line in regard to one woman pushing her cart very slowly was "It's usually just the hips that wiggle... not the whole body"), and didn't have long to wait when we got back to the restaurant. I opted for Hunan Chicken this time, only realizing once I got home that it probably had peppers in it. Indeed it did, but it was still good. I even finished the whole meal (except for one stray pepper that turned up when I was almost done, when there wasn't enough food left to mix with it to disguise the taste), when I normally end up with leftovers from their dinner combos. I ate full meals when I normally leave some, and that could be a good sign or a bad sign. But I survived the trips, and we don't have to brave roads covered with ice tomorrow morning if we don't want to.

Today's FF12: No new marks, or anything particularly interesting, but I got to the next plot point. I bought a Handbomb, but I don't have ammo for it. Oops. Vaan got a new staff, and the non-Heavy Armor types all got new duds. I decided not to waste my money on new helmets which have been available for a while now, since the upgrade isn't very much. I should probably be conserving money even more by staggering upgrades, but better armor and weapons make enemies easier to fight, which increases the amount of money I can earn. And if I start using Steal again, I've got an accessory that will help me get rare and valuable items.

Today's other games: I beat levels 6 and 7 in the original Legend of Zelda, but I missed the magic wand in level 6 and decided to wait until later to get it. Now that I have the book, it may be worth trying again. I hate Gleeoks. I also beat the star levels in Super Mario World, but didn't open the path to Special World and don't think I'll bother just yet. It's a nifty gimmick, but completely avoidable.

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