Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Surprisingly, I drew the last ace instead of the king! Not only that, but Dan and I managed to scrape together a rubber, even though the first hand was a complete wreck. He jump-shifted to 3D with a ratty hand and five diamonds to the A-Q-10. He'd bid hearts and diamonds, and I was 2-1 in those, and I had four spades to the king and six clubs to the Q-J. I didn't see any choice but to bid 3NT, and by some miracle (mainly CP attacking clubs hard enough to set them up for me), I made it with an overtrick when I was sure I'd be off at least two. They made a big game after that, but we ended up bidding 4H, and after CP doubled us, we proceeded to make 6 thanks to a great spade split.

Today's FF12: Now that I'm feeling better about my party's abilities, I continued the plot until I had the full six-member party. Now I'm building up some specialized characters, mainly Penelo as a combat mage. I don't know how much I want Fran to specialize in magic, but she's still using her bow, and she's been my emergency healer until now. I think Penelo will get that job, too, particularly during boss battles. The boss I fought in the last area was amazingly easy with the liberal application of Green Magick... Bartello Silenced him with his gun, not that it mattered, while Penelo Blinded and Slowed him. I tried Poison, but it missed, and by the time she could use it again, the boss was finished. Still, that Rocktoise doesn't know what's going to hit it.

It's supposed to snow tonight and/or tomorrow, but the wheel wells of my car are finally mostly free of grime, so any residual scraping is really a bad sign. I need to listen for it. If any Bloomington peoples are up for doing anything over the weekend, let me know... I've got Monday off, so it's a long weekend. I just wish someone had told me that earlier, so I could have made an appointment for Simonizing. I can try calling tomorrow and setting it up, but it's a bit last minute.

And just to prove that the base is in good hands: The CO of the base overheard a young Lean team member at the brief-out today mention that he hadn't had the chance to talk during the presentation, so when he got up to make his speech at the end, he brought the kid with him and put on what was as much a comedy routine as a speech. They had some great boke/tsukkomi moments, and it only lacked the Captain hitting the kid with a harisen to be perfect. My favorite lines:

CAPT.: Read the list of topics from this card for me.
MATT: Communication... job selection... I can't read your handwriting.

CAPT.: Now, go ahead and give a brief-out for your project.
MATT: Um...
CAPT.: Just say what you did during your Rapid Improvement Event.
MATT: We improved stuff. Rapidly.

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