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Last week, I discovered that one of my coworkers is a fan of the Harry Potter audiobooks. Today, I made a similar discovery. We were talking a bit before the meeting began, since the commutes were incredibly slow (I've never seen that much ice on the roads after plowing and salting, even when it was still snowing!), and the subject of dress codes came up. I mentioned that I'd be quite happy to have a dress code stating that I needed to wear a tie, because then I'd wear it over my T-shirt, and I demonstrated by showing off my "> get ye flask" T-shirt, mentioning that it was sort of an inside joke that wouldn't make sense to anyone. But one of the network admins thought about it for a few seconds, then said "Is that from Homestar Runner?" It turns out that, when we were talking about removing steps from a process, he'd been itching to say "baleeted!" but decided against it because he thought nobody would get the reference. So we chatted about Homestar Runner for a bit until it was time for the meeting to start, and I got in a few more references over the next hour or so. ("So, at this point, we send an E-mail to the net admins?" "Dear net admins: How do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?" One of the net admins who didn't catch the reference ran with the joke anyway, thinking it was a joke about his demeanor. He did a good job, considering.)

I played more Elebits this evening and beat two more missions and one more Challenge mission, although I didn't do great on any of them. I need more practice in some levels, and more brainstorms about where those Pink Elebits might be. I also updated the system (parental controls are active... woo) and checked out the Wii shop, but I can't decide whether to buy Kid Icarus or to buy another 1000 Wii points because I'm 100 short of being able to get Super Mario World. Naturally, there are plenty of other options, including waiting for yet more games, but I wouldn't be against having a few NES classics like Solomon's Key, which is also easy on the memory. I was going to play FF12, but I suppose that didn't happen.

I'm almost done with QEFEFZ chapter 4 now, but I'm not sure where I want to end it, exactly. I think one more scene should do it, but it could be anticlimactic to end there. Then again, there's still the final scene, which is always anticlimactic by design. And how much do I want to drag out the penultimate scene that ends the chapter proper? There are some things that have to happen, but aren't particularly inherently funny. And my character notes mention that I planned to use "Master Boo" as the pet, but this definitely isn't the Buu from Dragonball Z... and I can't remember what series I found that character in anymore. I apparently didn't feel the need to write it down at the time, and don't have room in the chapter for the character anyway, but I'm curious. Can anyone out there think of an animal called "Master Boo" from a manga or anime series? (Not Megatokyo... I think it would be really tacky to use that in my story.) I'll return to brainstorming tomorrow or over the weekend... tonight, it's time for the last episode of Kaleido Star: New Wings on this DVD.

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