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Feb. 4th, 2007

What a day. All around, it was pretty incredible. I beat Argarok in Twilight Princess after making two complete circuits of the Sky Temple (never fall down from that last room... it's more annoying than you can possibly imagine), and then Curt and I went to the Super Bowl party that the_dark_snack and beldar hosted. They, and everyone else there, seemed to misinterpret the intent of Curt's Bears outfit and fandom, but it was probably as amusing as insulting. For those who don't follow or care about football, the Colts won by 12. The rain seemed to really hit the Colts hard in the early going, giving the Bears' rookie kick returner Hester a touchdown return on the opening kickoff, but the Bears didn't manage to score much after that. The Colts had some early turnovers, and the Bears made one exceptionally long play that gave them a second touchdown, but that almost completely sums it up. The Colts' kicker also missed a field goal, after the placeholder missed the snap on the first extra point kick, but Bears quarterback Grossman dropped a few snaps (two bad snaps, anyway, and one trip) and gave the Colts a fumble and two interceptions in the second half when they were already uncharacteristically ahead at halftime by a whole two points. The first of those long interceptions was returned for a touchdown, and the second one got big yardage too. It was a great game, although I've just plain been enjoying the football recently. Maybe I'll start caring next season and try to learn something about the game. I've even played some Co-op Madden with Curt, and he's offered to let me borrow it and get some solo practice, although there's no way I'll be able to learn those playbooks. I'll be asking Madden for advice on every play.

I played a bit of Magical Starsign during the halftime show, too. I reached the boss of the tower on Erd, but two Green Frogs weren't quite enough, and I didn't really want Lilly to miss the experience of another big fight. I caught two more frogs, then bought an additional four, AND it's daytime in this go-round, so I expect to perform a bit better this time. Another thing I nearly forgot to mention was that someone joined my Yahoo group (which I use to post notifications of webpage updates, although other people are welcome to comment as well), but while I wondered who it was, I recognized the E-mail address as a spammer from another list, so I deleted them. If they were a legitimate member, they're welcome to let me know and join the list after running some anti-spyware programs. Otherwise... I'm a moderator on top of things. Wicked.

That was pretty much the day. I was going to skip the LJ entry for tonight, but since when do I do that no matter how late it is? I've got a relatively long morning tomorrow and should avoid getting in too early, most likely. I can't sleep in as late as I have been, but I'll have time to shower and maybe hang around and play some games before I leave for work.

I've been wondering a few things about the Harry Potter series that have stood out in the details, but now's not the time to bring those up.


Feb. 5th, 2007 04:04 pm (UTC)
Glad you had a good time, and sorry we offended Curt. We tried to be nonpartisan but have been following the Colts a lot closer than the Bears, and it showed. And I am prone to saying stupid things in general (fortunately most around me seem to have developed a tolerance).

Thanks again!
Feb. 5th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
It is so weird to hear you discussing football...and obviously really enjoying it. Way cool!
Glad you had fun. I rather enjoyed my "quiet" day. And I finally got to the next save point in Super Mario. WHOOT!

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