Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Car title paperwork update

Despite what many people around here have told me, the dealership and the bank have agreed that the BMV sends paperwork to the dealership, which then sends it to me, and I take it to the BMV to get the car registered and get a license plate. The dealership further confirms that they've mailed the paperwork - yesterday. Depending on what time today Curt gets home, he may be there to sign for the delivery (assuming it even comes today), in which case I can just hit the BMV tomorrow morning and decide whether to go to work for a few hours or not. If he's not home in time, then I'll have to pick up the papers at the post office tomorrow morning, then go to the BMV, then go home, because I doubt I'll have any desire to go to work after all that running. If it's not delivered today, then I go to the dealership to go over my options. I hear that I can get an extension for my temporary plate, but that only does me any good if the paperwork comes tomorrow. I can't very well take off during my week of training or during the Lean event to get this taken care of! Saturday morning will have to be it, and I expect it to be pretty busy there on Saturday. By going Friday, I may be able to avoid some of the crowd. In any case, my leave request for tomorrow's been approved and submitted, and most of my work's been taken care of here, so I'll just bring my course materials home and review them on my own time over the weekend. Who knows? I might find them a worthwhile distraction during the Super Bowl party. ^_^ (To be honest, I'm long overdue in learning Visual Basic, I think.)

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