Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Take a guess. I totally called it in advance. I let everyone know that I was just downstairs for my token brief appearance, and left almost immediately (after getting a king, natch) to go spend my lunch break in the usual fashion. While I was up there, Bruce commented on my absence from the card game, and Jeff asked if I'd noticed a folder with Japanese and rough English translations on the break room table. I reminded Jeff that I don't spend much time in the break room anymore. It's sadly true.

Today's Lean event prep meeting: We're taking Lean somewhere it's probably never been before. Oddly, it was only yesterday that I saw a brief video that was designed to showcase the benefits of Lean. Apparently, the guy doing maintenance on some stealth bomber had to make 28 trips during the day and took 8.5 hours to get the job done. By giving him a toolbelt and strapping a vending machine to the bottom of the plane, they reduced that to 0 trips, meaning that he never had to move again for the rest of his life. Doing the maintenance on a plane in only 1.5 hours meant he never had to use the bathroom or sleep ever again, I guess. Today, we just discussed how we would measure what's going to be improved by having processes for setting up computers on our network, and how to collect "before" measurements so we can tell what sort of "after" measurements we're going to shoot for.

Today's Metroid Prime 2: I got Screw Attack, the holy grail of powerups since the original Metroid, and the second key to the Ing Hive. I also managed to get that energy tank from the Aether side of the room where the Boost Ball is, no thanks to the camera angle. When I got to the sideways-moving spider ball tracks, the camera switched so I was looking at the back of the wall and making my bomb jumps blind! Has that ever happened to anyone else?

;_; Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne book 5. It makes me want to switch from QEFEFZ to Fall of the Crystal Millennium, because it's more sad than funny. But there's lots more of that series left, so it'll probably turn happy somehow by the end. Maybe even by the end of this book.

More ;_; to come in Wedding Peach, which I skipped last night but must watch more of tonight. The alternative is trying to beat Quadraxis in half an hour. Even in Normal difficulty, I don't think so.

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