Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I played, and my side had all the power, but I didn't get to play any of the hands. We started with an easy, easy 4S, where I had 16 points (feminine... all aces and queens) and four of everything but a singleton heart opposite Kelly's 6 spades, 10 points, and heart void. I was stunned when my heart fell on the opening lead and she trumped, but it was all above board. After a few more hands, I made a relatively weak pre-empt and she raised us to 3NT, which she made with an overtrick. And nobody but me knew how many overtricks there were because Steve collected two of their tricks while Mike collected one. They had three aces and got them, and we got all the rest. They bid a bunch of contracts too, mostly sacrifices, and we set them all, although I twice showed out of suits and Kelly failed to lead them back for me to ruff. I made the mistake of mentioning that in one hand while we were still playing and I still had a trump left, but I don't think it affected the outcome at all in the end. But when your partner leads the ace of clubs, then the jack of clubs, and you correctly cover with the king, why would you lead anything other than a club, if you've still got one to lead and the board has a few as well?

Today's Work: Organizing a few things for meetings and DAWIA training. This course actually isn't so bad that I want to call it DIAWIA, like the first one was. Maybe the changes are an improvement after all; this is a brand-new course that was just added to the roster a few months ago.

Today's Gaming: I played a bit of Avatar, and am very annoyed at Katara's apparent inability to use any judgment concerning her waterbending abilities. I maxed out her healing ability rather than giving her much fighting skill to start with, and she proceeded to use her healing power on anyone who was missing even the slightest bit of HP. This is a good way to run out of Chi for when we really need the healing. But the alternative is to control her myself and manually do all the healing, which is always frustrating, annoying, prone to error, and rather sad when both of the other characters have their complete attack combos unlocked and Katara's only got a two or three-hit combo. I'm up to the boss of the second area, but I'm missing something, and I don't know whether I'll find it in the boss area or not. Most likely not. And I definitely don't want to leave without it, so I'm going to keep searching until I find it. Level-building can't hurt. I also played some Metroid Prime 2, and I'm on my way to get Power Bombs.

I worked a bit more on QEFEFZ chapter 4. Maybe it'll be done sometime in February. The end of January is within the realm of believability, but I don't think I should go overboard.

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