Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We were short one Steve, so naturally, I drew a king. But I convinced Thom, who's been watching with interest for some time now, to join us, and while the explanations went quickly and probably a bit over his head, he's got the basics and is learning some fundamentals, like "third hand high" only really makes sense if you can cover the highest card already in the trick. We only got to play two hands, and he didn't have material to bid in either. Tomorrow, I plan to introduce him to more of the intricacies of scoring, possibly even including doubles and vulnerability.

Today's Work: I signed up for the other DAWIA course I need for my level 1 certification, and it's already started. I may need to review some things from the first course before I get too far in this one, but I've got the basics of what I should need to know going in.

Today's Insurance: I got a note from State Farm informing me that they've paid the hospital bill as of the 10th. I didn't give the hospital the information they claimed they didn't have until the 15th. So, clearly, they asked for the information, then sent off the claim without it. I just don't care anymore. It's paid, so I'm satisfied.

Today's Destroy All Humans: I hate Majestic.

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