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Today's Bridge: A couple of interesting hands, around which they won the rubber. One that really impressed me had me holding a monster hand, such as S A-Q-8-7-x H K-Q-x D K-Q-x C A-x, and it was my turn to open. I opened 1S, CP overcalled 2C, Mike and Steve passed, and I had to bid again given my strength. The only thing I could think of to bid was 2NT, and that got passed around. CP led a club, as expected, and Mike had S K H x-x-x D x-x-x-x-x C Q-x-x-x or so. I took the queen of clubs on the first trick, then led a diamond to my king and CP's ace. He led a spade to the board's king, so I led a heart to my king and CP's ace again. This time, he led a club to my ace, but I was on top of things by now. I ran my top two spades, leaving Steve with only the jack, pulled the jack, and won Steve's diamond return to cash my queen of hearts and the last spade to make the contract. I was fearing CP attacking the clubs, but my bid had thrown him off, and he thought he was going to be setting me up. The other interesting hand was the last one, after they'd won the rubber. Steve had opened 1H, and I had S K-J-10-x-x-x H J-10 D A-x-x-x C 5, so I bid a weak 2S. CP had to go up to 3C, and Mike bid 3S. That pushed Steve up to 4H, and I was finished talking. CP went up to 5C, and Steve jumped right to 6H. I led my club into CP's S Q-x-x H x-x D 10 C A-K-Q-10-x-x-x. Steve ducked and took with his own jack, pulled two rounds of trump, then gave us four diamond tricks to be set three. The problem was that Steve had no board entries to get to the clubs he'd set up, having cashed his only club on the opening. CP figured they had 5C cold, but it turns out that if Mike makes the unlikely lead of a low spade. A diamond lead pulls CP's diamond, letting him ruff a diamond from the board to get to his hand and pull trump so he can run his clubs and hearts to make 6. A club lead likewise lets them take control of the hand. However, by leading a spade through Steve's void, he has to let us take our three spade tricks or ruff one of them, and he can't return to his hand because he still has a diamond. So once we get in with the ace of diamonds, we can take our other two spade tricks and set the contract one trick. It's a tough line of play, and it's one hundred percent distributional. We also figured that, had they left us in our 3S pre-empt, we would have made it. We lose a club and two hearts, but the king of diamonds is finessable and, even if I play for the queen of spades to drop and end up losing it, we still get to crossruff out the rest of our losers, and Mike's diamonds were plenty strong enough to set up.

That said, the biggest excitement today was that Curt and I went to Best Buy (he'll post the story in his LJ or bad_service soon, I'm sure), and since I had a $5 certificate and a Monday deadline to spend $50 while using it, with no Wiis in my future, I bought that Quick Charge Kit for the XBox 360 controller that I've been wanting, as well as Destroy All Humans and its sequel for the PS2. I hear that they get boring eventually, but they're pretty addicting and funny so far. And it's going to take me ages to hunt down all the secrets even in just the first area, let alone the entire game. Twilight Princess may not even get a look in while Curt's out of town. But who am I kidding? I'm planning to milk my Wii privileges for all they're worth.

I also got two letters today from State Farm, advising me that they've transferred my policy to the local agent I picked up the check from. Good deal, mostly, although that could confuse things for the medical claim in progress. I don't think it will, because I don't know whether the hospital's even gotten my information yet, but that remains to be seen. I still plan to ask them, though: if they don't have either of the forms I've already filled out with my insurance information, who does? And why should I give them another copy for them to violate my privacy with? It's a sad, sad, sad, sad world.

I'm still deciding whether to fix a time problem my system's been having or not. I may just leave it as is. Given that being a full day off seems acceptable to Livejournal, always transmitting the same incorrect time can't be too bad for a tactical system. Can it?

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