Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Not sure there's anything worth saying tonight. I played some Bridge, but nobody cares about that. I fixed some problems at work, but nobody cares about that. I found it amusing that Matthew Lesko and Fabio took over for Adam West on 1 vs. 100, but nobody cares about that. I've offended a bunch of people, and some people care about that while some don't. They both hurt. Now some people will say something like "Just don't do it again, and it'll be okay," and that's not true. Or they might say "It was a mistake, everyone makes them," which is true but irrelevant. Or maybe even "The people you thought you offended weren't really," which is both untrue AND irrelevant. There's "You're overreacting," which passes both truth and relevance tests, but fails to offer any sort of constructive advice. "Stop overreacting" is, of course, a denial of my very being. Let's see... any other possible responses? I guess there's the "You seem to think I'm going to hold something against you that I don't," which breaks all the barriers but then becomes the problem itself. And, having no idea how to make something like this better myself (or I wouldn't be in this position), I've run out of ideas. I know someone out there's going to think of one I forgot, but I doubt it'll be any better than those. I have mocked the power of forgiveness tonight... there is no refuge left. So HA! Let's see you say something cheery NOW! Assuming you were planning to, which is usually the case, but I've created a special circumstance.

I know. Whine whine whine, emo emo emo. I think I'm entitled every now and then.
Tags: depression

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