Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I was out, but I watched Matt's hand the whole time. He bid pretty well, for the most part, but there were some questionable plays. Kelly, on the other hand, passed a 2C opener... again. Fortunately for her, CP actually had six clubs to the A-K-Q, so they made 5. Bidding it would have been handy, though.

Today's Work: My fix worked, and I haven't found any problems with the build yet. Considering how much testing went into each part, I don't expect to see any more problems. The week is looking up.

Today's Enchanted Arms: I realized, after some casino winnings, that there was nothing there I really wanted to buy, so I ventured off to the Fire Temple. I managed to beat the boss, although I had to use my God's Ambrosia and two Return Powders to get through it all. Curt says that that's the hardest of the temple guardians he's fought so far, which could be a good sign. But since he's so far ahead of me now, I've spent most of my time playing Kameo. I finished the Water Temple, which was rather tough, and am currently going back to old areas to collect fruit and buy the new skins for my elemental warriors rather than continuing to the snowy mountains. I've got plenty of fruit now, so I may not even have to conserve much for the next elemental warrior.

I hope I can sleep tonight, after the fiasco last night. I'm not using the sinus rinse tonight, so at least that's one potential source of insomnia defused.

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