Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Tomorrow is jesse_dylan's birthday, or so it's said. Your mileage may vary.

Today's Manga: A small set, but I suspected as much after two weeks of giant purchases. I just got Angel Diary 5, Wallflower 10, Sakura Taisen 4, and Ultra Cute 5.

Today's Games: I got a bit farther in Enchanted Arms despite the repeated disc read errors (they'll soon be persistent enough that I'll be able to apply for warranty repair and be fairly sure that they'll identify and fix the problem), and made it to the desert in Twilight Princess. I also did some stuff in FF12, including beating the Wraith (which was far from easy and cost lots of Phoenix Downs and a few Hi-Potions, although I expect I could have done better), but that game's not as easy to talk about for various reasons.

I'm finally catching up on Fruits Basket 15, which has been sitting at the top of my second manga queue for weeks now. The queue doesn't look much shorter, but having bought so few new books this week, I think I can make a good showing at reading through most of it this week. Then I might start reading magazines again.

Dinner was Hungry Man meatball sandwiches (not recommended - microwave only, and they were still a bit frozen) followed by Hardee's chili cheese fries (okay) and a mint chocolate chip milkshake (pretty good, but have a spoon handy).

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