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Urgh... I wrote a nice long entry for tonight, and the stupid program deleted the whole thing. I hate when that happens. Probably for the best, though... the GTP excerpt was pretty lame. I'll try to think of something else, and I'll save some of the gags I put in the entry for another time. They're just not as funny the second time around.

Anyway, the A/C was still dead at work, so we couldn't turn on the ADCPs at all. I spent the whole day reading a boring and outdated document that I'll eventually have to help rewrite. And I thought rewriting A Deadly Choice was a daunting task.... By a strange coincidence, my skill at the tile-matching game inappropriately called Mahjongg has improved vastly over the past few days.

I'm living under a constant severe thunderstorm watch/warning this week, and a few of those storms have actually hit my area. It makes the usual 45 minute commute a nightmare, not to mention making it hard to watch local TV. Not that I bother much. The Simpsons is about the only show on Fox still worth watching.

I tried to think of a good quote from 52 Curses to post with this entry, since I mentioned the story earlier, but there's just no part of the story that stands on its own well enough to do the story as a whole justice. That, and I'm too lazy to comb through the whole story to find a part that might work.

Tomoyo regretted not having her camera in hand to capture Sakura's bright smile on film. It was the cutest expression she'd ever seen on Sakura's face. The other girl was positively glowing with cheer, and Tomoyo felt it as if it was her own. "It's the greatest moment of my life as well," she agreed. "I wish this one moment could last forever!"
Sakura made no move to reply. In fact, she didn't move at all, as if she were frozen. Kero hovered perfectly still in the air beside her, also not moving so much as a muscle. Tomoyo smiled back for a few seconds, but the lack of movement was unnerving. "Sakura?" she asked, waving her arm in Sakura's direction. Sakura didn't respond at all. "What's wrong, Sakura?"
Worried almost to the point of panic, Tomoyo grabbed Sakura's arm and pulled on it, but it wouldn't budge an inch. "What's going on?" she cried, her voice echoing in the total silence. That was another strange thing. It was already dark outside; by this time of night, Tomoyo could usually hear the crickets in the garden chirping, a noise that always faded into the background and became inaudible - until it truly vanished. Except for her own breathing, everything was as silent as death.
Suddenly, her words came back to her in one horrifying revelation: 'I wish this moment could last forever....' It was painfully clear now; JOKER had granted another wish, this time using the power of TIME to freeze time for everyone but Tomoyo herself. The moment really would last forever... but Tomoyo was the only one who would be able to enjoy it.

EDIT: Now I know what I forgot to restore from my previous post... Rocky Road. Good. /me takes another bite. ^_^

Kittyhawk always ends her entries with a non-sequitur....
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