Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Xactika: Mike and I were out of the Bridge game, so I taught him how to play Xactika. We played with the full 8-card hands instead of 5, and I started to develop some bidding strategy by looking at the combinations of suits rather than just the numbers. When I had a lot of one suit, particularly a one-suit, I'd bid higher.

Today's XBox 360: I hooked up the Intercooler, and the disc read error came after about ten minutes. I didn't even get to save. I let the system sit for a bit, then started again, and got through more than two hours (including a few sizeable pauses) with no errors at all. A large portion of that was a very long cutscene, though, but I went through some areas with lots of random battles, and they didn't cause a problem this time. It's definitely a matter for the Geek Squad... will they need to be able to replicate the problem before they can replace the system, or will they take my word for it given how common the problem is? In either case, I don't think I'll be using the Intercooler again.

Today's House: The current story arc is reminding me of the evil director in season 1, right down to targeting Wilson because he sticks up for House. I'm not sure whether I like the show more when there's an evil adversary character or when there isn't one. Probably when there is... otherwise, Cuddy and Wilson tend to be the adversaries, and the series makes a bit less sense.

I haven't watched any anime in a long time, and I don't think I'll start tonight, either. Maybe I'll be back in the swing of it after Thanksgiving. I still need to finish the Christmas shopping and buy cards for everyone.

I'm almost done with the fourth chapter of the MST. I've got the closing of the chapter to cover, and my own outro. I think I'll celebrate with a six-hour nap.

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