Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: Dan was at a meeting, so only Paul had to sit out. I had a play at a 3H contract where making 4 looked good, but the trump split 5-0, so I had to force Mike to ruff in on diamonds and couldn't take proper advantage of my club void or the finesse that was guaranteed to work. Off one, but pulling trump would have been a disaster. We finally got a 3NT, and they went for a 4H to bridge the gap and missed it by one.

They finally locked the door of the philosophy experiment that masquerades as a Gatorade machine. I don't know whether anyone's bought anything from it yet or not. The mystery continues.

I got to talking with someone all through Deal or No Deal and didn't bother to play any games tonight. I'm taking time out to watch Heroes, though. And now that Justice appears to be well and truly dead, I can watch the show right here in my room. I really need to learn to remember details... it's embarrassing how much I forget just from week to week.

Death Note is getting good again. Genshiken never lost it to begin with. And I'll be reading more Sugar Sugar Rune tonight and tomorrow. The front line of my manga collection all at once... it's a good week.
Tags: gatorade

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