Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We won, although it was down to the last hand, as it so often is. I don't think I got to play any hands, but I rarely do anymore.

Today's Dark Cloud: I evolved three weapons tonight: The Dark Cloud, the Satan's Ax, and the Terra Sword. I'm surprised to see that Dark Cloud ISN'T a final evolution. There's one more form to go, so I'm interested to see what it is. I'm also running out of productive ways to raise Attack by large amounts... the other parameters that those gems also raise have been maxed out, so I feel like I'm throwing away Fishing Points sometimes. That, plus the fact that I used five Potato Cakes trying to catch a single Baron Garayan, which at least had the courtesy to be huge and lucrative. It's a good thing I bought lots of them before I started fishing. Meanwhile, everyone but Osmond has a great weapon. His still sucks, but while everyone else is building up so well, I don't feel like switching to him at the last minute for the kill.

Today's Mamodo Fury: I beat Kululu on the third attempt, and apparently didn't do well enough to unlock her as a playable character in VS. mode. I don't know whether to try fighting her again, now that I'm a bit more proficient with the controls, or to go ahead and try to beat Fein in the next level.

Today's TV: Standoff was pretty interesting. House was too, but as cool as the new developments are, I'm not sure I'm really enjoying them. I also watched a bit of the play-by-play commentary on the ongoing election. I guess it appeals to sports fans or something. Apparently, some of those people they interviewed will be the boss of me from now on. There are some things that make me glad we live in a propagandist dictatorship, like... well, I can't think of anything other than my Cynicism. We need more political parties. Just having the two big ones isn't enough. We need a political party that can stand up to the incumbents, Fox News and CNN. Can we get Reuters in for a decent chunk of the electorate?

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