Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: I managed to draw an ace, but I think we lost this one. We were ahead by ten points going into the last hand, but they bid and made the contract cheap.

Today's Work: I spent most of the day doing my DAWIA training. I still haven't learned that dang command structure, but I really don't see how it applies to me exactly who approves projects of every budget type and what the difference between the various Undersecretaries of Defense is. Or the Assistant Secretary of Defense... that's yet another person. But the teambuilding lesson was interesting, and I learned a lot from the overviews so far. I have a newfound appreciation of why Dan always tells me not to implement the simple last-minute fixes when they come up. I still have more confidence that they'd work than he does, but I appreciate his position even more.

Today's Elemental Arms: I beat what appears to have been the first real boss character... it took me about five rounds, and most of my party ran out of EP and had to recover. I had a newfound appreciation for the importance of staggering use of my most powerful techniques and keeping my healing characters stocked with EP. (That wasn't really possible, because the boss was Fire elemental and I had the Water elemental Knight Servant in my party... he took lots of damage. And Atsuma wasn't in position to receive the benefit of the Healing Dance.)

Today's Dead Rising: I started over, because there are things I really want to try. I lost Leah while trying to cross Leisure Park - yeah, I know. Bad idea. But I don't really care about her. She didn't have much to live for anyway. When Shinji got killed because I hadn't bothered to bring along any healing items... I figured I'd just quit for the night. It was getting late anyway.

The Arbitron ratings people are really pissing me off with their constant calls. Shut up already! I'm doing the damn survey! If I get one more reminder call, I'm going to mail it right down their throats. And yet, no doubt they're going to call once more during the week, to make sure we remember to mail them in, and again after the deadline, to make sure we mailed it. And maybe again after they get the results... them I'm going to tell them to screw themselves and just aggregate already. I don't know whether Curt's going to do it or not. I assume so, since he doesn't listen to the radio anyway. I may put on CDs over the weekend, just so I'm not listening to the radio in the car. I do that pretty often anyway. It breaks the system if I change my listening habits during the survey period, but it's not like I'm going to listen to another station or something.

I ran the cleaner CD through the XBox 360 today, and I haven't had any read problems yet since then, but it seems that at least the front speakers are hooked up with reverse polarity. That's strange, because I matched all of the colors. Maybe the wires are crossed, or the prongs are colored incorrectly? I'll look for new speakers this weekend, because the current ones require tape to hold the wires in, and that annoys me, but either way, I might try reversing the wires and see how that works.

I ate two Banquet meals for dinner, and I was still hungry enough afterward to finish the last two cinnamon rolls. Some banquet. When it says "Lasagna with Meat Sauce Bake MEAL", I rather expect there to be more to round out the meal, rather than just the lasagna bake. But you get what you pay for, I suppose. I think I'll stick with Hungry Man. Still not quite enough, but they're more than most frozen meals.

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