Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Obey the news

Okay, maybe there isn't a ban on Vegemite after all. It's as hard to keep track of as whether eggs are good or bad for you.

A Tupperware art contest. I guess the Tupperware parties of old just weren't exciting enough.

She was probably passing the driving test before she crashed into the license branch. I'm surprised she didn't pass, actually... it's Indiana.

It sounds like a children's story: Krazy George invents the Wave. I'm not sure I can bring myself to care.

Woman whacks thief with cooking pot. Inspired by Dead Rising, I'm sure - she put down the knife and grabbed the pot instead. It's a shame she didn't have a foam Mega Buster around. Also, the thief stole a cell phone from one of the arresting officers.

Talking police officer toy says something that sounds like the F-word. Aw, heck... we're all adults here except for the kids, right? Talking police officer toy says something that sounds like "fuck". It could be a defective voice chip, or the recorders playing around (as they always seem to do) and making an obscene chip that ends up in a toy, or just a regional accent sounding funny. It reminds me of "Heroes" where the Japanese guys were shouting "Shitteiru?" across the restaurant, and I wondered why nobody got upset at what sounds to English ears like swearing.

Shopkeeper angry at (legal) parking job forklifts the car out of the way. I assume he hasn't watched the German Forklift Safety Video.

Man paints bridge pink to promote breast cancer awareness. But does he know what a mastectomy is?

A school closes for a suspected bomb that turns out to be spoiled milk. My old high school has closed - what is it now, four times in the past three weeks for bomb threats? While I was still there, it was the fire alarm. How times have changed.

Woman hires her grandson for arson. Now THAT'S evil. I imagine the landlord had a pretty good reason for evicting her.

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