Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Sick Day: ............................ FAILED.

Actually, it was pretty good, for a sick day. As usual, I felt just crappy enough not to feel right driving TO work... were I allowed to work from home or live within less than half an hour of work, I might have gone in for a few hours in the afternoon. My throat's still sore, though, and the uneasiness in my stomach went on most of the morning, although I never threw up again after drinking the orange juice. So I scrubbed the Brita with Lysol and soap, and after many soakings and a full day of airing out, it still smells like Lysol. It's probably the same as with my food containers... eventually, if the stains and smells don't come out after umpteen washings, they're not going to come out in the food or water.

I played a bit of Dark Cloud 2 while watching Sports Night, but didn't evolve any new weapons other than the Dark Cloud I mentioned last night. The six-hit combo isn't quite as cool as I remembered it, but it'll do. Then I played lots of Dead Rising. Over the course of the day, I managed to finish the entire 72-hour storyline and get the A ending. I learned lots of skills and saved 26 people. I'm now at level 40, which is pretty good considering that this run-through was the first time I got past the first morning. (Admittedly, the game begins at noon, so the first morning is almost the end of the first full day. Plenty to do in that time.) Highlights include beating the cult leader in one try and unlocking a bunch of Accomplishments. There's one I really need to work on, though, and I definitely need to figure out how to get my hands on a Maintenance Tunnel Key, if such a thing exists. I'm sure it does - the game is full of secrets.

I read a few new manga series today, so I'll talk about them now. First up was Densha Otoko, a.k.a. Train Man. For a manga based on a novel based on a blog that may or may not have been based on real events, it's really good. Obviously, it's far more realistic than most of the romance series out there, by its very nature. What caught my attention was the part when Train first met Hermess and stood up to the drunk guy. It made me think that, if I got to see more men abusing women so that I could stand up to them, I could end up in a romance like that. But that wouldn't work for two important reasons. One, I doubt I'd be any more proficient at standing up to anyone than Train was, and two, wishing abuse on women, even if I'm there to stop it, isn't my style. Anyway, I read the first volume of the CMX version today (the "original" manga), and the first volume of the Viz Media version has migrated to the bottom of my queue. Then there was Beauty Pop. Plotwise, it reminds me a little bit of a magical girl series at first, in that Kiri shows up to "save" the girls who can't believe in themselves because they don't think they're beautiful enough. There's an ongoing plot that's just heating up at the start of the last chapter in the book, but it's a bit difficult to imagine how a series like this would carry a plot for long. Then again, that's what I think of many series that manage it. Next up is Strawberry Marshmallow, but I haven't started that just yet. I'll try to report on it tomorrow.

Gotta finish up my webcomics and get to bed.

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