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Today's Shopping: I had to buy a new TV stand, since the one I already have wasn't going to support the HDTV, so I picked that up at Target. It's a nice corner unit with cabinet space that will store DVDs, so I'll have a place to put the extra games that don't fit in the cabinet I have. The arrangement's not as bad as it could be, although I plan to switch the positions of the two cabinets and maybe reorient them tomorrow, if I have time and strength to do it. (The one with the heavy TV on it slides pretty nicely on its smooth feet, so what I plan to do is move that one out, then slide the other one over, and finally put the HD on the end, then angle them both so they're easier to see from the computer desk as well as the sofa.) I also picked up a component video cable that will work for both the PS2 and the XBox 360, once I get it. So the PS2's hooked up to the HDTV by that, and all of my other systems are now on a single A/V channel with the old 4-way splitter. The DVD player is now hooked directly to the old TV and the speakers, so I never have to worry about changing the A/V selector for it. (I used to connect it in parallel with the games using A/V splitters, but if the switch was set to the PS2 and the PS2 was off, the sound wouldn't get to the speakers. I have no idea why.) I've got the speakers next to the old TV, where it will be much more convenient to change the volume, and most of the connections in the back are pretty clean now. I may eventually have to get a new surge protector to plug in more consoles (I don't have enough outlets left on the current one for both the 360 and the Wii, but I could always move something I don't care about, like the Dreamcast, to the free outlet), but this arrangement should work for now. The only downside is that the component cable doesn't have much slack on the system side, so I might just stack the PS2 and the 360 in a single compartment - the cable barely stretches far enough to reach two compartments, and I don't know if I want to waste two compartments on the two systems anyway. I'm definitely putting a Wii in there, and I may eventually get an enhanced HDMI DVD player as well. That's more shelves than I've got.

With all of that stuff arranged, I played some God of War in widescreen progressive mode. It looks cool, but that doesn't make the freaking minotaur any easier to beat. It's a fun battle, but it was pretty tricky in Normal mode, and I'm playing in Hard mode. I just have to learn how to avoid the fire charge and get better at recognizing his other attacks in time to dodge or block them appropriately. I'm getting close... I should be able to be at full power when I finish destroying his armor. Then it's just a matter of wearing down his health, and I still have Rage of the Gods available for that.

That said, while I pack for my trip tomorrow and finish moving the extra TV stand to the living room (the hard part is clearing space for it), I think I might go ahead and buy that 360. I've got a 10% off coupon for games at Best Buy, and I'm sure I can find a few games there that I'll want. Dead Rising is obvious, but I'll have to look at the other titles and see what catches my eye. Granted, there's no need to get everything at once, particularly since I won't get to enjoy most of it until the weekend anyway, but I've already spent my entire paycheck for the last two weeks by now, so what's another $500 or so? (Yes, I know you all hate me right now... but $200 of that was manga and DVDs, most of which I'd have bought anyway, and the TV was about $90 off because I bought it this weekend. I don't scoff at deals like that.)

Reading-wise, I finished the latest volumes of Law of Ueki and Zatch Bell (oddly, those two were at the top of my priority list together... I believe I've expounded on their similarities before) and book 3 of Crescent Moon.

Let us mourn the fate of Justice, which Fox has decided to cancel after only four episodes. Well, they haven't actually literally canceled it quite yet, but they've moved it to Monday nights opposite both Heroes and football. It's got Arrested Development's chances of surviving there, except less because it's not nearly as good a show. It worked great on Wednesday night, when there was nothing to watch, but I'll probably stick with Heroes. I might set a VCR to record Justice while I watch Heroes (the joy of having so many TVs), but that won't be particularly convenient. Admittedly, the new game show that gets the watchable time slot may have something going for it. We'll see. Also, I spent most of the afternoon watching football with Curt. In retrospect, that makes me both sad and ashamed.

We had dinner at Chili's. The food was good, but the server didn't seem to know what she was doing. She took our drink orders quickly (apologizing for the wait even though we'd just sat down... probably a bad sign), then brought us our drinks even though I think we were both ready to order - and left us sitting there. Finally, we got our orders in, and she refilled the drinks when she brought the food - taking back our glasses even though mine was still half-full and I wasn't about to eat hot wings without a drink. We got the refills quickly, though, and finished our meals in short order. Then she dropped off the checks even though I wanted dessert, and proceeded to clean all of her tables while Curt tried to figure out how to arrange the check and his card so that she'd notice. She finally came to collect it, and I asked for my dessert to go. She apologized quite a bit, and when she brought out the dessert, she comped it from my check. She also asked to see our IDs, because both of our cards said so, so I gave my 50% "thanks for checking" tip, but I based that on the comped check rather than what the full value would have been... because we waited quite a while, and she never did refill our drinks again while we waited, which would have been nice. Curt's unhappy because he didn't get anything for his waiting - he didn't order a dessert, and she didn't offer him one, although I doubt he'd have taken it because that would have taken even longer.

I also need to run down the battery on my DS a bit more. I played some Deep Labyrinth and some Mario 64 today, but not much. In Deep Labyrinth, I have no idea whether I'm going the right way or not. I found a hidden room, and from there, I found an exit to another area. Then another. There was another way to go from an earlier room, but now I suspect that this hidden path (despite being a secret area) may be leading me further through the game, and that's not where I want to go. I'll try the other route tomorrow.

6 days until The End. (Technically 5, but I won't be getting it until Saturday.)

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