Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Bridge: We had sucky hands. No two ways about that.

Today's DC2: I beat one level and built up my gun, but then I got careless in the Max-only level... on the last enemy, as always. But that's fine, because I don't think the Soul Breaker is the weapon I want. I know there's a way to build up a machine gun without the Dark attribute, and it's not making the Magic Gun. I'll try building up another one later. This one will become the main laser gun, I suppose... I can use the Jurak Gun for synthesis.

Today's FFX-2: Why not? It's something to do.

I read the preview of Beauty Pop last night... I HAVE to have that series now! Skip Beat attracted me with its style, but this one has characters that demand to be read.

I spent the first half of work doing my usual thing, testing, and then the second half trying to get the new travel system to accept my travel orders and cough up details for a flight to New Mexico. It turns out that I have to fly into El Paso and head north from there. So I can add Texas AND New Mexico to the list of states I've visited... assuming I get this all together, and this time, it's rather important that I do. Fortunately, I've got two more days to get it done, and I know what to look for before I head to the airport.

It's quiet around here without Curt. And he probably wouldn't have let me overcook the frozen dinner, although I'm pretty sure I got it out before the upper bound on the cooking time.

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